Where is Santina D’Alessandro Now? Mario Biondo’s Mother Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: August 8, 2023 (Last updated: August 14, 2023)
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Where is Santina DAlessandro Now? Mario Biondos Mother Explained

Where is Santina D’Alessandro Now? We discuss Mario Biondo’s mother and the 2023 Netflix true crime documentary The Last Hours of Mario Biondo, which contains details that some readers may find disturbing.

There’s a true crime series on Netflix that explores a complex case of celebrity, fame, and death that has had many viewers wondering about the facts and outcomes of the whole affair.

It follows the death of a cameraman, Mario Biondo, married to Spanish TV celebrity Raquel Sánchez-Silva, who was found dead in the library of his home, apparently the victim of his own unintentional suicide.

However, the family of Mario was never convinced of the official ruling and would campaign for years to have further evidence released and looked at again by another judge. The family of Mario was convinced that there was more to the story and the cameraman had been murdered.

As testimony from friends arrived that declared that Mario did not seem in any way depressed or even sad, it only added to the speculation over his death.

The case would eventually get reopened, and you can watch how the campaign for Mario would gather steam in the Netflix documentary The Last Hours of Mario Biondo, but in the meantime, this accompanying article will answer the question: Where is Santina D’Alessandro now? The mother of Mario Biondo.

Who is Santina D’Alessandro?

Santino D’Alessandro is the mother of Mario Biondo, who campaigned relentlessly to find some justice for her son. Santina would eventually be able to convince authorities to do further autopsies on the body of her son to try and find out more information about his death.

Evidence would eventually be found that would indicate that Mario’s death may not have been suicide.

Where is Mario Biondo’s mother  Santina D’Alessandro Now?

Santino still lives in Palermo with her husband, and they both still campaign to find out the truth about the death of their son.

What are Santina D’Alessandro’s thoughts on her son’s death?

In various reports and interviews, it is clear that the parents of Mario believe that their son was murdered, that the scene had been staged to make it look like a suicide, and that someone somewhere knows what happened on the night he died.

In other reports, it would seem that Santina feels that the investigation was botched by the police, who failed in many ways to perform a thorough inquiry into the affair.

Details such as marks on Mario’s head and body, discrepancies with his phone, and information that seemed to have been deleted from it all added to Santina’s belief that there was something else going on in the death of her son.

Eventually, a judge rules out suicide and supports the view that Mario may have been murdered, but there is still no further information that can be found that would explain Mario’s death, but his parents and family continue looking.

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