The Last Hours of Mario Biondo Review – A hurting family’s endless quest for their truth

By Romey Norton
Published: August 3, 2023 (Last updated: August 9, 2023)
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2023 Netflix true crime documentary series The Last Hours of Mario Biondo Review

Here is our review of the 2023 Netflix true crime documentary series The Last Hours of Mario Biondo, released on August 3rd, 2023.

This documentary series investigates the persistent questions surrounding the last night of Mario Biondo’s life. He was the husband of Spanish TV host Raquel Sánchez Silva, and this is the reason why this story has gained much attention.

This true-crime series uncovers new details and shares its thoughts on what really happened the evening of May 30th, 2013. It’s been ten years since the event. Let’s see what this true crime story has to offer. 

There has been some controversy around the documentary when Mario Biondo’s officer Oscar Tarruella and two Italian journalists were not informed that Raquel Sanchez Silva’s former manager was behind this project. Despite this, Netflix has completed this documentary, and it is available for streaming.

The Last Hours of Mario Biondo review and plot summary

Mario Biondo, an Italian cameraman, was found dead by his housekeeper, hanging in the living room of his Madrid apartment. He was alone, and there were no signs of violence or struggle.

Investigators, family members, cameramen, and journalists all give personal interviews, sharing their experiences and opinions surrounding this case. The interviews are all conducted in casual, homely settings, but the backgrounds all have dark blue tones, giving a sense of discomfort in the familiar.

There is the use of tense and uneasy music throughout to help build and maintain suspense. 

In the first episode, we’re shown the crime scene photos and notes, which state a possible suicide, and photos of his wife leaving the scene at the time.

The news then reports a possible heart attack, and after checking phone messages, his research history, bank statements, and the autopsy saying cocaine was found in his system, they began to believe something else had happened. Self-asphyxiation to help him sleep — which has then gone wrong as he was high on cocaine.

Then it was implied it was an erotic gameplay gone wrong, suggested by Raquel on Twitter, which his family strongly denies, to his family saying it was murder — by someone, and then by Raquel.

The way in which Raquel is treated is harsh and unfair. Ten years later she is still being harassed by the family — it’s as if they want to ruin her career for revenge, rather than seek truth and justice in a court of law.

Suicide is something people find hard to understand and accept, and this documentary series is about the family’s quest to prove the opposite happened. I would have liked maybe a psychology expert or doctor to have been in the documentary to support any evidence or give their opinions on the death.

Some of the discussions and contributors feel misleading, biased, and unbalanced. After three separate autopsies, all deemed his death was by suicide. However, the family does seem very set in their opinions and not open to the conclusion of suicide.

The mother was so desperate she even posted a photo of her son’s dead body on social media, as well as videos of her reenacting his suicide to show how it wasn’t possible. Sickening and sad to see. 

Overall, the family’s tireless efforts to get their son’s case reopened and their perseverance paid off when an Italian court decided in August 2022 that Biondo’s death might have been a murder and that the scene had been tampered with.

One interesting thing is the family cannot claim Mario’s life insurance unless a court deems it was not a suicide, but a murder. I’ll leave that information with you. 

Is The Last Hours of Mario Biondo good or bad?

As a true crime documentary, it’s investigative. There are contradicting statements, investigations from the Italian and Spanish authorities, and in his last days, themes of infertility, brothels, booze, and the question of why would he kill himself.

However, I did feel like I was left with more questions than answers, and I am not totally confident or convinced that Mario didn’t have an overdose and kill himself. There is no evidence to support the family’s claims, and the whole “case” is messy. However, it’s interesting to watch a spiteful family spiral.

Is The Last Hours of Mario Biondo worth watching?

Yes — There are three episodes, with a runtime of roughly forty-five minutes each, and therefore, easy to binge-watch.

What did you think of the 2023 Netflix true crime documentary series The Last Hours of Mario Biondo Comment below.

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