Harlan Coben’s Shelter Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – what is Bat Lady’s real identity?

By Adam Lock
Published: August 18, 2023 (Last updated: March 20, 2024)
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2023 Prime Video series Harlan Cobens Shelter Season 1 Episode 3 Recap


Harlan Coben’s Shelter continues to dish out further perplexing mysteries and reveals many more needless plot twists. The narrative is quickly becoming rather crowded and muddled, with the unwanted addition of cheesy humor and too many pointless flashback sequences getting in the way, too. It’s a messy, silly installment on the whole.

We recap the 2023 Prime Video series Harlan Coben’s Shelter Season 1 Episode 3, “The Dirt Locker,” which contains spoilers.

The many mysteries put forward in Harlan Coben’s Shelter begin to unravel in “The Dirt Locker.” Mickey (Jaden Michael) and his friends investigate the school’s security footage for clues in Ashley’s (Samantha Bugliaro) disappearance while the adults of Kasselton address their own sordid secrets.

Harlan Coben’s Shelter Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

We start with Bat Lady herself, whose past is explored via flashbacks. She seems to have been a child during the war who escaped from the Nazis.

In the present, she frantically searches for Ashley Kent’s whereabouts with the help of Sunglasses Man. It’s implied that many people will die if Ashley is not found soon.

After the incident with Kitty, Mickey’s mother is readmitted to the hospital. Mickey and Shira both agree that she was released far too early. Mickey is visibly shaken by the previous day’s events, though.

He seems unable to save either of his parents, so instead, he focuses on finding Ashley.

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Because of all this drama, Mickey’s grandparents rush over to help out. This also clashes with a birthday celebration. The grandparents prepare for a party that night.

Elsewhere, Rachel is traumatized by her run-in with Octoface, although she appears to have escaped with her life.

What is this year’s high school musical?

At school, the students gather for a special assembly. Mrs. Friedman introduces celebrity Angelica Wyatt, who will be sponsoring this year’s musical. It is announced that the school will be putting on a performance of The Phantom of the Opera. Spoon is exciting to audition, but all the students want the bully Buck to land the lead role.

The trio meets up afterward to discuss the unraveling events. Mickey tells his friends that his mom has been readmitted. They decide to search for Ashley again.

Spoon introduces them to his secret hideout, an old abandoned boiler room.

Spoon has set up his own investigation corkboard to map out his ideas about the disappearance. He suspects that the missing students, Dylan Shakes and Ashley Kent, are somehow linked.

Dylan disappeared in 1995, and Ashley went missing on the exact same day in the present.

Ema proposes that they start by looking in Ashley’s locker, hence the episode title. But Ashley’s locker is empty. Then Ema suggests they look at the school’s security footage for clues.

They plan to reconstruct her day from this footage. Spoon quickly acquires all the school’s footage. They take shifts, examining all of the day’s footage.

Who is Lizzy Sobeck?

Mickey races home after his shift to find a house party in full swing. He gets to work studying with Rachel right away. They are researching Lizzy Sobeck, a hero from World War II who is believed to have freed many children from Auschwitz.

Hannah, Ken, and Troy attend the house party too. This starts off awkwardly, what with their scandalous past, but Shira tries to be diplomatic.

Troy argues with Rachel outside. He’s concerned about his girlfriend dodging his messages while getting closer to Mickey.

The argument triggers flashbacks to the incident with Octoface, and Rachel slaps Troy in the face. She’s clearly struggling with this traumatic event and lashes out at her boyfriend instead.

Further flashbacks reveal that Rachel only survived the attack because she used Ashley’s gun to scare the criminal off.

Meanwhile, Ema starts her own shift. She finds footage that shows classmate Whitney checking her out in the school corridor. Later, she finds footage of the cheerleaders bullying Ashley.

Back at the party, Troy stirs up more drama about the past. Then Shira falls out with her mother and hides out on the roof.

Hannah and Shira have a heart-to-heart on the roof, discussing parenting, and then they make amends with each other. Later these two old friends passionately kiss one another.

Mickey leaves the party and returns to the boiler room. His friends have found more footage. At 3 a.m., Sunglasses Man broke into Ashley’s locker, where he stole her hippo magnet.

Mickey decides to head back to Bat Lady’s house for answers.

Harlan Coben’s Shelter Season 1 Episode 3 Ending Explained

The student goes to the haunted house and follows a car into a garage. Then he climbs down an open cellar door into a system of underground tunnels.

A secret entrance leads him back into Bat Lady’s house. Here, Mickey meets Sunglasses Man and Bat Lady.

What is Bat Lady’s real identity?

Mickey talks with Bat Lady and figures out that she is Lizzy Sobeck. The Holocaust survivor explains that she is after the man who killed her father and many of the children from the opening flashback sequence, who may have also killed Mickey’s dad. In the final moments, it is revealed that Ashley is still alive, she was stalking Mickey’s family long ago, and she also has a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder.

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