Where is Sarah Boone Now? Suitcase Murderer Explained

August 29, 2023 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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Where is Sarah Boone Now - Suitcase Murderer Explained

Where is Sarah Boone Now? We discuss the true crime story of the suitcase murderer, which contains disturbing details. 

This is another in a series of articles on Ready Steady Cut that explores the darker side of human nature, covering a shocking true crime case. As is often the case with this kind of article, you may find some of the details disturbing, so reader discretion is advised.

This particular story once again proves that the monsters and villains that we watch on TV and in film are really nowhere near as horrific as the ones that exist on your local news channel. The following feature will tell you the grim story of a Florida woman and a deadly game of hide and seek.

Who is Sarah Boone, and what did she do?

42-year-old Sarah Boone had been in a relationship with Jorge Torres Jnr, also 42. It would be safe to say that they had a volatile relationship, and it would be later revealed that there had been alleged cases of domestic abuse leveled at Torres, and there had also been one instance where Boone was also arrested on a similar charge against Torres. This particular story is bizarre and chilling and would result in the death of Torres.

On the night in question, Sarah Boone would allegedly be playing a game of hide and seek with her partner Jorge Torres Jnr. after enjoying a bottle of wine. Torres would be found dead in a suitcase after Sarah had zipped him up in the case and left him for several hours.

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Boone would state that after zipping him into the case for fun, she would go upstairs and fall asleep. Torres would suffocate to death while inside the case, unable to free himself. She would later be arrested and charged with second-degree murder in February 2020.

How did Sarah Boone kill her husband?

As explained above, Sarah Boone allegedly was playing hide and seek and thought it would be funny to zip Torres in a suitcase before leaving him in there with no way for him to escape.

Boone would go upstairs and fall asleep, leaving her partner to slowly asphyxiate downstairs.

What was on Sarah Boone’s phone?

According to an article on heavy.com, police would discover two videos on Sarah’s phone, taken after Torres was zipped into the case. The first video would show Torres trapped in the suitcase and shouting Sarah’s name. As the video progressed, he can be heard saying, “I can’t f*cking breathe, seriously.”

The second video shows that the case had been moved to a different position, and Torres could be heard still shouting at Sarah.

When is Sarah Boone’s trial, and why is it delayed?

The trial date was set to be in April 2023, then rescheduled to July 2023. However, another delay has seen the trial pushed back again, with a new date being set for October 2023.

It seems that the defense team is the reason for the delays.

Boone’s team seems to be exploring what is known as “battered wife syndrome,” providing an expert in this field to testify, leading to the delay in the proceedings.

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