Who plays Nami in Netflix’s One Piece live-action series?

By Louie Fecou
Published: September 1, 2023 (Last updated: January 27, 2024)
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Who plays Nami in Netflix One Piece live-action series

Who plays Nami in Netflix’s One Piece live-action series? We discuss the popular TV show and one of the key characters. Minor spoilers ahead. 

Oh, it can be tricky adapting anime and manga. Fans will be the first to confirm this, as there have been plenty of failed attempts at bringing much-loved properties to life, and nobody knows it better than Netflix.

However, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and where there’s an insatiable need for content and a financial drive, there’s also a way, so cue a live action adaptation of the beloved property One Piece.

On the plus side. early reviews for the show have veered towards the positive. It seems that the gamble may have paid off this time, and this live-action presentation may even find a whole new audience for One Piece, bucking a trend for live-action remakes.

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The show has an entry-level feel that encourages people who are not aware of the story to join in, and that can only be a good thing. It also manages to stay true to the tone of the original premise, which should also help long-term fans to warm to the idea.

Of course, you can read our own extensive coverage of the series right here on Ready Steady Cut, where we present recaps and analyses of each episode. This article here is an accompaniment to those features, so if you are a fan, then set a course to navigate through your day, as we answer the question, who plays Nami in Netflix’s live-action series One Piece?

Who is Nami in Netflix’s One Piece, and why are they important?

Nami is part of the Straw Hat Pirates in the show. She is intelligent and resourceful and has a number of skills that make her essential to the crew.

Her abilities make her a vital part of the pirates, as she is basically the ship’s navigator and helps them find their way through some dangerous waters, so Nami’s abilities allow the plot to move forward.

Traditionally, Nami also has some other unique traits, including her pickpocketing skills and magic staff.

Who plays Nami in Netflix’s One Piece?

In the live-action series, the character of Nami is played by Emily Rudd. She does not, as often assumed, have anything to do with Paul Rudd.

She was born in Minnesota in 1993 and has a brother called Dan.

What is Emily Rudd known for?

Netflix viewers will know Emily from the horror trilogy Fear Street, where she starred in all three chapters, but she has also appeared in many other productions. Way back in 2018, she was in an episode of The Romanoffs, then in 2020, she would appear in four episodes of the TV series Dynasty.

In 2021, the previously mentioned Fear Street dropped, and moving forward to 2023, Emily was in seven episodes of the TV series Hunters and, of course, eight episodes of the featured show in this article, One Piece.

It might be worth noting that in her younger years, Emily was in many promotional videos for various groups, including Brandon Flowers and Royksopp.

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