GAMERA Rebirth Season 1 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 7, 2023
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Netflix anime series GAMERA Rebirth Season 1 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained

We recap the Netflix anime series GAMERA Rebirth Season 1 Episode 6, “Childhood’s end,” which contains significant spoilers.

Predictably, the finale for GAMERA Rebirth brings plenty of action and one last battle as the world comes to terms with Gamera, its protector. From military interventions to complex medical procedures, the finale may be predictable, but it is entertaining and worth the wait.

GAMERA Rebirth Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Does Emiko die?

Episode 6 opens with Emiko facing her timely demise as a small kaiju creature kills her. It was a long time coming for the twisted character.

Meanwhile, Boco is understandably upset that Gamera appears to be dying. He wants the creature to be saved. Pain turns to fear – after Joe’s death, Boco is desperate for no one else to die.

Why does Gamera need saving?

Doug and Junichi make a good point – it’s worth saving Gamera as it will defend against the Foundation and Kaiju. The military needs Gamera. Meanwhile, Foundation members discuss the incoming purification plans and prepare for the next millennium.

The government military is appalled that the Kaiju were used to purify the world and send their squads to save Gamera and give it the best medical care. After a conversation with Mr. Tazaki, Orylium seems to be their best bet to help Gamera.

How do they help Gamera?

Gamera’s pulse weakens, causing the medical team to panic. Suddenly, Boco has a vision — he helps the team conclude that they need to use Orylium with resonance amplification on Gamera. They flow a current through the Orylium while it’s on Gamera’s shell and increase the frequency. Gamera’s body starts to regenerate, which is meant to take 3 hours. 

But then, the Kaiju Gyaos head their way, and the military must go into defense mode. The military suffer heavy losses immediately as Gyaos inflicts its power.

The government sends the order – to retreat. However, Gamera has not been revived. The kids are dismayed and explain that they need more time.

Why does Boco create a decoy?

Boco runs off, attempting to be a decoy for the Gyaos to buy more time for Gamera. Mr. Tazaki and the kids realize this and run after him, fearing for his life. As Gyaos is about to hurt Boco, Gamera turns up to defend him. Boco is concerned because Gamera is still not fully healed.

Gamera managed to help them, but he’s in trouble with Gyaos, engaging in a battle. The military commander decides to help out and shoots at the Gyaos with the tank.

Does Gamera defeat Gyaos?

Gamera exerts all of its energy to defeat Gyaos and defeat it. Meanwhile, Foundation is disappointed. They are running out of options to purify the world.

But then, there’s a twist: Gyaos has injected two pieces of RNA code into Gamera, reversing his configuration from 10,000 years ago. This Foundation believes they can now control the creature.

Does Gamera die?

However, Boco refuses to believe Gamera is evil and approaches the creature. He stands before it, fully trusting his relationship with the beast. Gamera lowers his head, and his eyes turn red (evil) to blue (good). Gamera shoots an energy beam into the sky and destroys the Foundation base on the moon. The Foundation members are dead.

But this came with sacrifice. In Gamera’s last act, he sacrifices himself and dissolves into dust, which blows in the wind. Gamera is dead.

GAMERA Rebirth Season 1 Ending Explained

The series shows the kids returning to their everyday lives. They say goodbye to Mr. Tazaki, who turns out to be a helpful ally in the end.

Season 1 ends with Boco showing his friends a baby Gamera in a laboratory. Boco tells them it’s their turn to protect Gamera.

What happens in the post-credit scene?

In the post-credit scenes, Mr. Tazaki is presenting about a communication device he’s developed at a press conference. It’s a new smartphone. We can only assume he’s used the Orylium to create revolutionary technology. And then, in the middle of the woods, someone is trying to communicate with Boco via a radio, which will inevitably lead to Season 2.

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