GAMERA Rebirth Season 1 Review – a must-see anime

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 7, 2023
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2023 Netflix anime series GAMERA Rebirth Review

Here is our review of the 2023 Netflix anime series GAMERA Rebirth, which does not contain significant spoilers.

Monsters and protectors warring on earth has always been an appealing premise. From Godzilla to the awakening of Skull Island, there’s much appetite for escapism in the real world. We relish a story where the world is in danger by means unrelated to our habitat but rather an outside force invested in nature.

GAMERA Rebirth Season 1 Review and Plot Summary

Undoubtedly, the studio behind GAMERA Rebirth had a vested interest in bringing this story to life. It’s a wonderfully woven Japanese anime. Highlighting the exhaustive battle of the large-looking turtle Gamera facing five dangerous Kaiju is promising entertainment, but the people behind the series needed to ensure the anime remained dated.

GAMERA Rebirth isn’t predictably action-led as the marketing made us believe, and that’s what makes it engaging from the offset. The premise brings Boco living his everyday life with his Stranger Things-type friends by his side, enjoying the city life while plotting against their bullies.

In the background, the Kaiju bubbles beneath the surface, slowly wreaking havoc, and news stations struggle to anticipate what is happening to the human race.

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But when the giant creature, Gamera, saves Boco and his friends and the city, the plot interlinks, bringing something far more profound in the remaining five chapters.

I wish I could delve into the deeply ingrained themes in the story, but the most important aspects become the twists. Some subjects sewn into the plot are hard-hitting but not too strong to be completely obvious. It will be curious to understand if audiences understand the meaning behind certain revelations.

The action is spot-on; from the military using their firepower, scientists using their technology, and the Gamera using its extensive, Godly powers to bring down the Kaiju, Gamera Rebirth is a complete, well-ordered anime that deserves more than a season.

Is GAMERA Rebirth Season 1 good or bad?

Netflix continues to order the right anime series, and GAMERA Rebirth reveals a pot of gold for the commissioning team.

There’s little to grumble about from this action-led but emotionally entangling story, bringing to life Gamera.

Is GAMERA Rebirth Season 1 worth watching?

If you are an anime fan, then GAMERA Rebirth is a must-see. And if you are a flirt for Godzilla stories, you may as well dip your toes in the water.

What did you think of the Netflix anime series GAMERA Rebirth, and how would you review it? Comment below.

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