Where is Freya the Slaya Now? Wrestler Explained

September 14, 2023 (Last updated: 1 weeks ago)
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Where is Freya the Slaya Now - Wrestler Explained

Where is Freya the Slaya Now? We discuss the wrestler after her appearance in the 2023 Netflix documentary series Wrestlers.

From the creators of Last Chance U and Cheer comes a series that dives into the world of professional wrestling, Wrestlers. The seven-episode Netflix series follows the owners of Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky, as they try to get the company on the right track. 

Throughout the series, we follow co-owner Matt Jones and his ultimatum that he gives Al Snow that the company must turn a profit over the summer or they might have to shut down OVW for good. As the two clash on certain styles, we see OVW head on a summer tour from state to state, hosting shows at fairs. 

The highs of Wrestlers come from providing this in-depth look at the world of professional wrestling in a way that we’ve never seen before. We get to watch these athletes chase the impossible dream of signing that big contract with AEW or WWE while also trying to balance real-life situations.

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Al Snow cares about his students and teaches them the ins and outs of the tough business. 

The lows of Wrestlers come from the series overstaying its welcome with seven 60-minute episodes. You find yourself investing in these characters, but it eventually becomes a chore.

The series also takes some liberties within its storytelling that will be off-putting to core wrestling audiences. Either way, Wrestlers’ good can outweigh the bad for the casual fan or new audience. 

Who is Freya the Slaya, and what does she do?

Freya the Slaya is from Fairbanks, Alaska, and began her journey in the world of professional wrestling in 2016. Outside of wrestling for Ohio Valley Wrestling, Freya the Slaya has wrestled across the United States, including for promotions such as CCW in Nashville, Tennessee, WrestlePro Alaska in Anchorage, Alaska, and PWX in McKeesport, Pennsylvania.

With the nickname of Queen of the North, Freya the Slaya is a 6’1 professional wrestler from Fairbanks, Alaska. She had her first professional wrestling match in November 2016.

In her six-year professional wrestling career, Freya the Slaya is a 2-time Ohio Valley Wrestling Women’s Champion, along with being ranked #140 on the 2022 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Top 150 Females.

Where is Freya the Slaya Now?

In August of 2022, Freya the Slaya got the call back up to wrestle for AEW (first match in February 2022). She wrestled under the name Freya States on their AEW Dark: Elevation show (episode 75), where she teamed up with Alice Crowley to take on The Baddies (Kiera Hogan and Leila Grey). Later that month, she wrestled on AEW Dark (episode 164), where she had a singles match against Abadon.

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After the dark matches, Freya the Slaya continues to wrestle for Ohio Valley Wrestling, taking part in their weekly TV tapings. She is the current SCX Women’s Champion. She also continues to wrestle for CCW in Nashville, CLCW in Wisconsin, and many more independent wrestling companies across the United States.

What is Freya the Slaya’s real name?

Of course, with wrestling, you have a gimmick, a.k.a in-ring persona. Outside of the ring, her real name is Sarah States.

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