Where is Mahabali Shera Now? Wrestler Explained

September 14, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Where is Mahabali Shera Now - Wrestler Explained

Where is Mahabali Shera Now? We discuss the wrestler after his appearance in the 2023 Netflix documentary series Wrestlers.

Netflix series Wrestlers takes a look at the world of pro wrestling, focussing on the ups and downs of the Ohio Valley Wrestlers. The documentary series comes from Greg Whiteley, who you might remember from a previous series on Netflix called Cheer.

This time, the filmmaker takes a close look at the affairs of the Kentucky-based Ohio Valley Wrestling. The business is on the ropes after enjoying a heyday that would bring the likes of Dave Bautista and Jon Cena to our attention.

Pro wrestler Al Snow is at the center of the action, desperately trying to maintain relevancy in the field and doing everything he can to keep the business solvent.

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New investment helps the company continue, but that is only one part of the equation; he has to manage the wrestlers and try to steer a clear course for the business, leading to some very tense situations.

We have a review for the actual series right here on Ready Steady Cut, but we also know that you wrestling fans need some more background on the show, so we are happy to present you with a series of features that focus on the wrestlers themselves.

So whether you are a Babyface fan or you love a good Heel, relax for two minutes and read the answer to the question: where is Mahabali Shera now?

Who is Mahabali Shera, and what does he do?

Mahabali Shera is an Indian professional wrestler who was previously a bodybuilder. His real name is Amanpreet Singh.

He started a long and respected career back in 2011, appearing in a venture produced by Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling.

His work would lead him all the way to the WWE in 2018, and he would become a valued member of many wrestling stables, such as Raj Singh and Shera and The Revolution.

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As a wrestler, Shera is known for his strength and physical stature, and his name means Big Brother Lion. Shera would first be what is known in wrestling as a babyface; however, as his character arc progressed, he would become more of a villain or a heel.

Where is Mahabali Shera Now?

Mahabali Shera is currently signed to Impact Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling. He would have a setback in September 2021 when it was reported that Shera was dealing with an unknown injury that would effectively stop him from wrestling for a while.

By January 2022, he would make a return to the sport and compete in The Nightmare Rumble.

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In March, he would defeat Jessie Godderz at OVW March Mayhem, making him the new OVW National Heavyweight Champion, but wrestling is a fickle mistress, and on July 7th he would lose the championship to James Storm.

A rivalry with Ca$h Flo would see the two battle it out, and in a June episode of OVW, Shera would lose the OVW Heavyweight Championship to Ca$h Flo, ending his 210 days as champion.

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