Who is Hazel in The Other Black Girl? Explained

September 16, 2023
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Who is Hazel in The Other Black Girl - Explained

Who is Hazel in The Other Black Girl? We discuss a key character in the Hulu series, which will contain minor spoilers.

Hulu adapted Zakiya Dalila Harris’s 2021 book The Other Black Girl and turned it into a ten-part series for the streaming platform starring Sinclair Daniel and Ashleigh Murray in the lead roles. Harris developed the series alongside Rashida Jones for the small screen.

The Other Black Girl hones in on Nella Rogers, an editorial assistant at one of the biggest publishing companies in Wagner Books. She is the only Black woman working for the company until they hire Hazel-May McCall.

At first, Nella and Hazel hit it off, being the only two Black women in the office, but things between the pair go south, leading to a chain of mysterious events that leave you on the edge of your seat.

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The series has been much of the chatter since its release, with everyone piecing together all the pieces of this insane mystery. While the series has left many uncertain, it was a homer run for me.

Our lead, Sinclair Daniel, stands tall in the role of Nella Rogers and provides this emotional depth. Within each episode, you know you are in for a ride, and Daniel perfectly captures your attention as Nella makes the ride that much better.

Who is Hazel in The Other Black Girl, and why is she important?

Shortly after Hazel is hired at Wagner Books, we begin to realize that she isn’t Team Nella but more so looking out for herself and her growth within the company. When a mysterious person (Shani) is introduced to the series, she attempts to tell Nella about Hazel’s past but isn’t able to do so before Hazel’s team snags her.

Later, we discover that Hazel is part of an underground group called the OBGs (Other Black Girls). The group’s goal is to destroy the careers of other Black women as a design to keep white people in power. Hazel is one of the recruiters for the team, and one of the main reasons she arrived at Wagner Books was to get Nella to join them.

Who plays Hazel in The Other Black Girl?

Actress and Singer Ashleigh Murray plays the role of Hazel. Murray, from Kansas City, Missouri, was in a few school plays that ignited her passion for acting.

She attended the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, where she graduated in 2009

What TV Shows and Movies is Ashleigh Murray known for?

Murray’s first role was in a short film titled Finding Harmony. After a few parts in movies like Deidra & Laney Rob a Train and Valley Girl, Murray starred in the TV Series Katy Keene as Jose McCoy.

Of course, this led to the biggest role of her career, along with being the role she’s most known for, and that was playing Josie McCoy in the smash hit CW series Riverdale. She played McCoy for over 41 episodes over a 6-year time frame.

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