Where was The Other Black Girl filmed? Locations Explained

September 14, 2023 (Last updated: 5 days ago)
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Where was The Other Black Girl on Hulu filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

Where was The Other Black Girl filmed? We discuss the popular 2023 Hulu TV series and the filming locations used by the production crew.

The Hulu series The Other Black Girl is a chilling, often comedic, mysterious tale following Nella, an African-American employee at a New York publishing house.

Nella is a minority in her job but is ambitious and determined to succeed despite the everyday microaggressions she faces while at work. However, the arrival of a new Black employee gives her hope and the chance to make an ally. However, there seems to be something off-kilter about the new staff member.

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Nella is finding things growing more and more sinister at work. she receives a handwritten note telling her to leave the company, and slowly, paranoia starts to set in as Nella begins to feel that there is something more going on than she could even begin to imagine.

With elements of The Devil Wear Prada and Get Out, the series is finding an audience intrigued by the premise and baffled by the twists in the story. Based on a book by Zakiya Dalila Harris, the show stays close to the source material, with Harris also a showrunner and writer for the Hulu series.

You can read our full and thorough reviews of each episode right here on the site, but I know that there are many of you out there who enjoy devouring all kinds of facts on the shows that you love, so if you enjoyed the series, here is a quick read for you that answers the question where was The Other Black Girl filmed?

Where was The Other Black Girl on Hulu filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

Atlanta, Georgia

With the main thrust of the story happening in a New York publishing house, it makes sense to film in Atlanta. Yes, it seems that the production filmed the majority of the series in Atlanta, and of course, I have no doubt you are wondering why.

New York has been used as a location for films and TV shows that are too numerous to mention, and filming there is so commonplace that the locals don’t even appear to notice anymore. New York is so adept at hosting film crews that you would imagine that it would be a no-brainer to shoot there. However, filming in New York can be costly.

An educated guess at the thought process behind the filming seems to suggest that although the show is set in New York, there is no real reason to do a costly and expensive location shoot if the script does not call for the characters to appear there.

The nature of the series finds much of the action taking place indoors at offices and apartments, and with a whole range of studio spaces available in Atlanta, it probably made more financial sense to shoot there. Atlanta is known as the Hollywood of the South, and for good reason.

There are tax incentives and breaks for filming done there, and in an industry that is suffering right now, you are always going to go where you can get more bang for your buck.

Notable also are the number of big-budget films that have avoided a Hollywood shoot and headed to Atlanta for filming.

Everything from Stranger Things to The Walking Dead has used space, and film-wise, you can add Black Panther, Zombieland, and The Hunger Games to the list.

Studio Sets

There are numerous studios that could have been used in the filming of the series, and there has been no official confirmation of the studio this show shot at. However, it is safe to say that one and maybe even more than one of the studios would have been on board for the process.

We are hedging our bets on Trilith Studios, which was used for many of the Marvel movies and TV shows, as Hulu has a huge connection with Disney and Disney owns Marvel, so there could be a long-standing contact with the studio, making it the best place to film the show.

If you know of any of the locations used, let us know in the comments section below.

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