The Buccaneers Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – Who is Guy Thwarte to Theo?

By Ricky Valero
Published: November 8, 2023 (Last updated: March 20, 2024)
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The Buccaneers Season 1 Episode 3 Recap
The Buccaneers Season 1 | Image via Apple TV+


“The Perfect Duchess” finally delivers in its writing by setting us up for what’s ahead in the upcoming season of The Buccaneers.

We’ve got proposals, a Duchess private ball, and a surprise couple getting hitched in the third episode of The Buccaneers. Nan is coming around to the idea of being engaged after the shocking proposal at the end of Episode 2, just before realizing that her new man is friends with an old flame. Nan has a big decision to make in Episode 3, then, and finally gets around to making it by the end of the episode, just in time for an agonizing cliffhanger.

This recap contains major spoilers.

The Buccaneers Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Did Nan accept Theo’s marriage proposal?

Conchita and Nan are in a carriage heading to the Duchess’s Private Ball. On the way, Conchita talks up Nan and her new fiance, the Duke of Tintagel. Of course, Nan is freaking out about how fast it is and the fact that they have only met twice, but Conchita says she should take the risk. Nan did say that she felt some sort of freedom with him, and that’s why she said yes.

Upon arriving at the Duke’s house, Nan freaks out and runs to the beach. Theo hunts her down and tells her to take a risk on the night. If she doesn’t like what happens during the Private Ball, she can walk away without any consequences.

Jinny and Lord Seadown arrive at the castle with a bombshell that they decided to get hitched. Everyone is shocked at the announcement, and inside, Nan and Conchita discuss how they don’t believe Jinny is genuinely happy.

Theo’s mother approaches Nan about why she loves her son and pushes her about the idea of the role that she will be presented if she marries Theo. She mentions that she knows she couldn’t love him because she doesn’t know him, but has accepted that Theo talks about Nan like he’s never spoken about anyone before.

Who is Guy Thwarte to Theo?

Theo and Nan share a heartwarming moment leading to the two riding horses down the beach. Nan turns around, and Theo isn’t there, and she loses control of the horse. However, Guy is there to help her before the horse throws her off. Theo arrives and introduces Guy to Nan as his oldest friend.

Nan tells Jinny that she isn’t sure she can marry Theo because she doesn’t even know who her mother is. Jinny comforts her saying that nobody knows, so she shouldn’t be worried about it.

As Jinny storms out, Guy realizes they had given Nan the room he always slept in. Nan asks Guy if he plans on telling Theo the truth about her mother and says he’s never lied to Theo. Guy tells her that if everyone finds out about her mother, Theo will be a laughingstock.

At the Private Ball, Conchita struggles with Lord Richard and decides to confront his parents. She throws accusations out at them, but they aren’t having it and give it back to her. It causes her to storm out of the Ball.

How does The Buccaneers Season 1 Episode 3 end?

Lord Richard chases after Conchita to tell her that she has nothing to be sorry about and says if they need to go back to New York, they can. She loves the idea as they can find the spark they had when they lived there together.

Guy finds a distraught Nan struggling to figure out her next move. She says she must return to New York to tell her mother she couldn’t marry Theo. However, Guy tells her he will keep the secret, and she thanks him. Nan heads to talk to Theo and says she will marry him.

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