Keely Griffin saw the Twin Flames cult for what it was – and isn’t afraid to speak about it

By Louie Fecou
Published: November 13, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Keely Griffin, Ex Twin Flames Coach
Keely Griffin in Escaping Twin Flames | Image via Netflix

Keely Griffin became involved in the Twin Flames Universe after meeting a man in a grocery store, who although initially interested in her, would distance himself from the relationship, leaving Keely confused and full of regret. A search online would lead her to Twin Flames and the founders Shaleia and Jeff Divine, and the start of her absorption into the group would begin. It would end after she became so embroiled that she became a Twin Flames coach herself.

The Netflix documentary Escaping Twin Flames and the similar production Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe from Prime Video both shine a spotlight onto the controversial Twin Flames Universe, an agency that some have labeled a cult, and that has some extreme views about finding yourself a partner.

Why did Keely Griffin quit as a Twin Flames Coach?

By 2021 Keely had begun to re-evaluate what she had been doing for Twin Flames by living according to its principles and bringing more people into the fold. Slowly, she started to realize that the group was more like a cult than a dating agency. After talking it through with her partner Colby, both had a dawning realization of what they had been doing and decided to break away from Twin Flame completely.

Keely Griffin would be seduced by the notions presented by the institution, believing that the man she had met was her Twin Flame, and the more she became involved with the teachings of Twin Flame, the more she bought into the philosophy of the group. Her interactions led to her becoming more involved, joining the group, and introducing others, including her sister Marlee, to the establishment.

Jeff and Shaleia encouraged Keely to pursue her Twin Flame partner Colby and assured her that he was truly her partner. Before long Colby was also brought into the fold and was convinced of the teachings, buying into the premise they presented. The couple found that their relationship was being controlled by Jeff and Shaleia with every decision being made by the group leaders. Keely was pretty much being trained to be a coach and CEO for the institute, recruiting others, including her sister, and guiding them into Twin Flame, using techniques she had learned from the group’s founders. The techniques would urge people to reconsider their own choices and would lead to people changing their names and pronouns to fit in with the Twin Flames principles.

Where is Keely Griffin now?

While her current whereabouts are unknown, Keely Griffin’s opposition to Twin Flames is strongly felt. She is full of regrets about her participation in the Twin Flames Universe and expresses as much in the Netflix documentary. Keely has quite openly spoken about her time in Twin Flames and has been damning in her testimonials about the group. She has also stated that she hopes to try and rebuild her life after her time with the group

The revelations led to a breakdown of her marriage to Colby when they realized that they were not compatible, and it also led to a falling out between Keely and her sister, who had been paired up with her Twin Flame, but soon realized it was a sham.

Why is there some controversy around Keely Griffin?

The controversy around Keely Griffin stems from the fact that she attained a position of power and influence within the Twin Flames Universe and perpetrated many of the same practices and principles that they espoused. Many have taken issue with the fact that Keely has positioned herself as a cult whistleblower and a victim when in many instances she was allegedly just as much of a perpetrator as Jeff and Shaleia.

In the Wondery podcast on Twin Flames, details were shared on Keely brainwashing two women into changing their romantic partners and, in the case of one of them, their gender identity. This led to a furious Reddit post in which the OP, who claimed to be a real survivor of Twin Flames, tried to highlight Keely’s duplicity and expose the wrongdoings of her apparently abusive ex-husband, Colby.

In a surprising turn, someone responding to the post on r/Cults alleges that the OP is Jeff Divine (aka Ayan) himself, and even shares an archived link to a post on his old website in which he describes his polyamorous tantric sex gang.


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