Ex-Twin Flames member Marlee Griffin still doesn’t speak to her sister

By Louie Fecou
Published: November 13, 2023
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Marlee Griffin, Twin Flames Universe
Marlee Griffin in Escaping Twin Flames | Image via Netflix

Marlee Griffin is the younger sister of Keely Griffin and would be initiated into the Twin Flames Universe and encouraged to become a coach within it by her own flesh and blood. Using the techniques of the couple behind the group, Jeff and Shaleia Divine, Keely would bring her sister to Twin Flames and would also be indoctrinated to become part of the organization.

The 2023 Netflix documentary Escaping Twin Flames explores the controversial and often disturbing Twin Flames Universe, an institute that has been called a “cult” and has been investigated by the authorities for its practices. Essentially, the couple behind the group claims that people looking for love have a Twin Flame who is their soulmate, and people are compelled to relentlessly pursue their partner if they want true love and happiness.

The documentary has interviews and testimonials from former members, including Marlee, that explores their experiences.

Where is Marlee Griffin now?

Marlee would leave the Twin Flames Universe and return to her parent’s home to try and rebuild her life after the experience within Twin Flame. Marlee was introduced to the group by her older sister, who felt the experience would help her find true love, At the time of writing, the sisters have not managed to reconcile their relationship.

Unlike Keely, who has been quite public with her experiences and spoken very openly about the cult and her role in it, Marlee is a lot less active on social media and wants to preserve her privacy so she can rebuild her life. She does, however, appear in the Netflix documentary, and seems to focusing on her own education instead of the lingering trauma of Twin Flames.

Marlee Griffin, Escaping Twin Flames

Marlee Griffin in Escaping Twin Flames | Image via Netflix

Marlee Griffin’s Journey with the Twin Flames Universe

Marlee was introduced to the Twin Flames Facebook group by her older sister Keely, who would go on to become a coach for the organization before she too realized what the group was doing and left. Marlee would be initially impressed by Jeff and Shaleia and saw the group as a way towards self-improvement rather than being paired up with anyone.

However, in 2018, Marlee was introduced to a group member from Utah, a man eleven years older than her, who was designated her Twin Flame. Although Marlee was not interested in her Twin Flame, she was not able to go against the wishes of the group. Marlee moved to Utah to be with him and discovered he could not relocate due to criminal charges for drugs. He also had bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

When her sister Keely made the decision that the group was a cult, her first concern was to go and rescue her sister from Utah. Marlee would return to her parents, and the two sisters still do not talk after the experience. In the documentary, Keeley cries when talking about the situation and hopes that one day they can become sisters again. Understandably, with the Netflix series currently garnering a lot of attention, Marlee has been staying under the radar and avoiding social media, but at the end of the series, we see Marlee has moved on, and is back studying.

What is the current status of Twin Flames Universe?

It may surprise you to know that Jeff and Shaleia still run their organization from Michigan, and are still recruiting new members. The Facebook group has over sixty-seven thousand members and they are still very active on their social media pages.

They deny all allegations that have been made against them and did not respond to Netflix when asked for comment.

A statement at the end of the documentary on Netflix states that “In 2020, the Farmington Hills Police Department investigated TFU and ‘were unable to determine that any crimes took place in Farmington Hills.’ They forwarded their report to the FBI for possible federal crimes.”

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