My Life with the Walter Boys Season 1 Ending Explained – Do Jackie and Alex stay together?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: December 8, 2023 (Last updated: December 12, 2023)
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My Life with the Walter Boys Season 1 Ending Explained
My Life with the Walter Boys Season 1 | Image via Netflix


The love triangle gets complicated in the season finale of My Life with the Walter Boys, and fans may be left frustrated by the lack of resolution.

The ending of My Life with the Walter Boys Season 1 largely revolves around the question that the entire premise has been built on – who will Jackie end up with? Despite being based on the Wattpad novel of the same name by Ali Novak, which wasn’t intended to have a written sequel, Episode 10 seems determined to leave a lot unresolved in favour of a second season. There’s plenty of drama in the finale, but it hardly seems like the end of the story or the last we’ve seen of the characters.

For those not in the know, the premise revolves around Jackie, whose entire family is killed in a tragic car crash, moving to rural Silver Falls, Colorado, to live with her late mother’s college friend Katherine and her expansive, predominantly male family, described rather tactlessly at one point as “boy heaven” even though newly-orphaned Jackie’s family are all smashed to death in vehicular wreckage.

My Life with the Walter Boys Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Jackie and Cole kiss

Two of the Walter boys, Alex and Cole, immediately take a shine to Jackie, and the ten episodes of the first season focus a lot on her trying to decide between the two of them. In Episode 10, the tensions between Jackie and Cole boil over into a bit of a snog, but the two of them don’t end the season together.

Will the steamy kiss qualify as just reward for viewers who have been invested in the outcome of the love triangle all season long? Maybe, maybe not, but either way it’ll have to do for now.

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The kiss happens after Will and Hayley’s wedding, with Jackie finding the teapot that Cole fixed and heading to confront him about it. She’s technically still dating Alex at this point, making everything extra complicated.

Do Jackie and Alex stay together?

Technically, Jackie and Alex stay together, though it’s hard to imagine they’ll be able to sustain their relationship in its current form.

For one thing, during Will and Hayley’s wedding reception, Alex says he loves Jackie, but she doesn’t say it back. Rarely, if ever, has this resulted in a fruitful partnership.

Secondarily, there’s the whole kiss thing described above.

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Alex was already stinging about the former, and he doesn’t know about the latter, though he heads to confront Cole the next morning when he wakes up hungover and spots the note and the teapot. Jackie is nowhere to be found, and Cole looks pretty sheepish about it.

How does My Life with the Walter Boys Season 1 end?

The first season ends with essentially nothing resolved. Jackie is technically still dating Alex, but technically cheated on her with Cole, and then dipped with Uncle Richard to head back to New York for the summer, presumably to avoid having to deal with any of these things until a second season is commissioned.

Things end with Jackie and Richard on a flight to the Big Apple, and fans likely fuming. This can hardly be said to be a happy ending as far as the core love triangle is concerned, though there was more payoff elsewhere in various other subplots and dynamics, but if the intention was to bait a second season, then it does the job.

What did you think of My Life with the Walter Boys Season 1 Episode 10 and the ending? Let us know in the comments. 

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