Bitconned’s Robert Farkas: Where is the Centra Tech Co-Founder Now?

By Louie Fecou
Published: January 3, 2024 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
Bitconned's Robert Farkas: Where is the Centra Tech Co-Founder Now?
Robert Farkas in Bitconned | Image via Netflix

Bitconned is the story of a trio who formed a cryptocurrency company that would become hugely successful, fraudulently raising millions of dollars from investors, before collapsing and being investigated by authorities. Ray Trapani, Sohrab “Sam” Sharma, and Robert Farkas would form Centra Tech, but pay the price for their mishandling of the funds they received. The incredible documentary reveals how the company would manage to convince people to invest in their idea, and how it would all eventually come crashing down.

Where is Robert Farkas now?

Robert Farkas would be jailed for a year for his involvement in the scam, and although he was part of the Netflix documentary, his exact whereabouts today are not known. In light of the recent release of the film, Farkas has opted to stay out of the limelight and allows the footage in Bitconned to explain his position regarding the situation.

Given the timeline of his sentencing, he will have been released from prison in late 2021 and is likely to be on supervised release in Florida, his home state.

One thing is for certain, though — there’s no love lost between him and either of his co-conspirators, least of all Ray Trapani.

Robert Farkas Served Time in Prison

Farkas was sentenced to one year and one day in prison, but at the time of writing, he has done his time and is a free man. Robert was charged with conducting an illegal initial coin offering (ICO) that scammed investors for over $25 million.

Robert Farkas’ Involvement in Centra Tech

Much like Ray Trapani, Robert did not come across as an expert in cryptocurrency, and the documentary points out that he once worked as a male stripper. He became part of the team, introduced to it by Sohrab “Sam” Sharma, and was incredibly excited by the prospect of working within that business.

Sam recruited Robert, the brother of Sam’s girlfriend, to help out with the running of the company, as Sam seemed to be doing a lot of the work on his own, and Robert was asked to pitch in. He was eventually named as the company’s CFO, but the reality of the situation revealed that he had no idea what the role of CFO meant. However, he did find a way to contribute, taking the lead when it came to chatting online with possible investors of the company. He was also in charge of setting up conferences and booths at conventions, to encourage people to invest.

Robert would eventually get a call from a journalist from The New York Times, who claimed they were doing a story on celebrities involved with cryptocurrency, and Robert would pass that call to Ray. This reporter would play an important part in the fall of Centra Tech.

In the documentary, Robert states that he doesn’t recall “Ray contributing much of anything”. He goes on to say that Ray “loved money”. Robert served his time and was released from prison, but his opinion of Ray is not a good one. He would state in the film that he thinks Ray is “a degenerate” and would say that he felt Ray only wanted to “stuff his pockets”.

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