Bigger, Scarier Monsters Await in Delicious in Dungeon Episode 16

By Nubia Brice
Published: April 11, 2024 (Last updated: last month)
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Delicious in Dungeon Episode 16 Preview
Delicious in Dungeon | Image via Netflix

Laios’s group remains on the 5th floor in Delicious in Dungeon, and bigger and scarier monsters await in Episode 16 after the battle with the Cockatrice in the latest.

What might happen in Episode 16? Will Laios’s party have to team up with Shuro?

Although Laios’ group has yet to leave the 5th floor, there’s still a chance they’ll encounter other hostile parties when they do.

Since they defeated the Cockatrice, I feel the Mad Mage will send bigger, scarier monsters to deal with Laios and his friends, upping the stakes to create more difficult adversaries to deal with.

I also have a feeling the only way Laios’ party is getting off the 5th floor is with the help of either Kabru or Shuro’s party. We could see an alliance of the beginnings of one manifest in Episode 16.

What happened in the previous episode?

After spending all their time and energy trying to get to the 5th floor, Laios and his friends cannot seem to leave now that their mission is over. Trapped amongst the everchanging layout, Episode 15 of Delicious in Dungeon is all about Laios’ party attempting to escape the clutches of the Mad Mage. As the mage tries to keep them stuck there, Laios and his friends are forced to try and fight their way to safety while slowly running out of supplies.

  • Laios’ party struggles to find their way out of the Dungeon as the Mad Mage seems to be shifting the walls around to trap them.
  • As the group grows hungrier, Senshi worries about being unable to feed them.
  • While searching for food, the group is attacked by Dryad Flowers, who also release pollen and infect them with Hay Fever.
  • As they struggle to see and fight, Chilchuck uses his more enhanced senses to guide the group during the battle.
  • The group finds some Dryad fruit and buds they can cook.
  • After eating, Marcille decides to teach Laios basic healing magic to make things easier for them going forward.
  • Laios tries his newfound magic but finds himself a little embarrassed at the idea of touching other people.
  • Marcille encourages him to move past it, while Chilchuck admits Laios’ reaction isn’t uncommon.
  • Chilchuck then scolds Marcille for using Black Magic, but she explains her techniques are slightly different.
  • When they notice the Dungeon floors and buildings shifting again, the group goes for a closer look and is attacked by a Cockatrice.
  • Although they defeat it, Marcille is bitten and petrified in the process.
  • Since she could easily break, Laios’ party brainstorms ways to save Marcille quickly.
  • After gathering supplies, Laios manages to revive Marcille using her magic book.

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 16 Release Date and Where to Watch

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 16 is scheduled to release on Netflix on Thursday, April 18th, 2024. The release time is 9:30 a.m. ET. The title of Episode 16 is not known yet, but it will have an approximate run time of 23 minutes.

Viewers worldwide can catch Delicious in Dungeon exclusively on Netflix.

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