Under the Bridge Episode 5 Reveals What Happened to Becca’s Brother

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: May 8, 2024 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Under the Bridge Episode 5 Recap
Becca talking to Warren in Under the Bridge Episode 5




Under the Bridge reveals some key new details in “When the Heat Comes Down”, and an underlying tension is beginning to build among the Seven Oaks girls.

While Episode 4, “Beautiful British Columbia”, spent some time establishing important backstory and context for Under the Bridge, Episode 5 resettles into the present-day investigation following Reena’s death. Cam and Becca get closer to the truth in “When the Heat Comes Down”, while the girls try to cover their tracks.

There’s a horrifying tinge to proceedings here as we see how cavalier Kelly and Jo are about what they did to Reena and how they plan to get away with it, even though, in a nice inversion, it’s Kelly who’s the ringleader and Jo who’s the enthusiastic follower, leaving Dusty slightly out in the cold – and potentially at risk.

The Girls Implicate Warren

As we know already, both Kelly and Warren murdered Reena Virk. However, the girls are keen to get away with it entirely by pinning all of the responsibility on Warren and then escaping to Mexico (though we’ll delve into this plan more later.)

Kelly has an obvious reason to imply that Warren was the sole perpetrator. Jo, too. But Dusty’s reasoning is more complex. She’s horrified by the whole affair, yet she still doubles down on asserting that Warren is guilty even when pressed.

After reporting Warren as the murderer Dusty also signs a witness statement presented to her by Cam, and there’s no ambiguity about what the consequences of it will be. But Dusty still has some loyalty to the Crip Mafia Cartel, and she’s trying to protect herself from her “friends”, one of whom has revealed herself to be legitimately murderous.

The Mexico Plan

Under the Bridge Episode 5 Recap

Jo and Kelly argue about their plans in Under the Bridge Episode 5

This brings us to the Mexico plan. With the help of Rebecca, who is trying to earn their trust by pretending she’s one of the gang, they go to the Crips for money and try to secure a boat to flee. However, it seems more likely that going to Mexico is a code for something else, a bit like how dropping someone off at the train station in Yellowstone is a death sentence.

It’s Dusty who seems most at risk here. Despite her doubling down on accusing Warren, the other two girls still suspect her. They think she’ll crack and report them to the police and, honestly, she’s probably right. On some level, Dusty knows she’s in danger, which helps to justify why she’d rat out Warren rather than risk implicating Kelly, who’s clearly unhinged.

Why is Becca So Connected to the Case?

Under the Bridge Episode 5 Recap

Becca Gets High in Under the Bridge Episode 5

There’s an important revelation in Episode 5 of Under the Bridge which explains why Rebecca Godfrey is so intimately connected to Reena’s murder, and it’s all about her brother.

We already knew from previous episodes that Becca’s brother died when they were kids, but she has made a point of being very tight-lipped about the specific circumstances. In “When the Heat Comes Down”, she pops some acid to try and prove to the Crips that she isn’t a cop, and the drugs loosen her tongue.

The connections become much clearer from this point on. Becca’s brother drowned, and she blames herself for it. Reena Virk also drowned – or was drowned, I should say – in avoidable circumstances, so Becca sees a connection between the two crimes. Since she feels responsible for what happened to her brother and has never quite gotten over it, it stands to reason that she would also feel responsible for Reena.

But the other detail is that she sees her brother in Warren, who for a murderer seems like quite a mild-mannered and misunderstood guy. The show is pushing this angle as well, since it’s clear from the depictions of himself and Kelly, and their respective statements about the killing, that he wasn’t as much of a willing participant as Kelly was.

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