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December 27, 2017
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Star Wars Ranking

Do you remember when Star Wars was a dim and distant memory? The original films were something that we once loved with all of our hearts. Over the years of George Lucas’ tinkering they were a shadow of their former self. In 1999 we all dared to dream again that some of the old magic might be coming back. That perhaps Lucas could recapture the old magic after all. Revenge of the Sith came and went in 2005 and it seemed like that was it. That Star Wars was actually finished. It seemed as though George Lucas was ready to walk away from Star Wars. Or just continue to tinker and break our hearts a little more, for the rest of time.

2012 brought the impossible. No, not John Cusack piloting a plane through falling buildings, but Lucas actually deciding to sell Lucasfilm. Disney was stepping in to take on Star Wars (well, all of Lucasfilm, really. I’m still hoping for a Willow sequel) and everyone dared to hope again. Could Disney do the same for Star Wars that they had for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Will we ever see the original movies be re-released without George’s tampering? Does this mean we’re going to get a Star Wars film every year until the eventual heat death of the universe?

As is now customary there’s a new Star Wars film this year in the shape of The Last Jedi so I thought it was a good time to see just how well Disney’s Star Wars stacks up against George Lucas’ original vision. Can the films that have been released since the sale of Lucasfilm ever really compete with what’s come before?

What are you going to be looking at?

There’s a lot of Star Wars out there in the world. Whether it’s from George Lucas or elsewhere. For the sake of this article I’m going to be looking at the core set of Star Wars films. So those that are part of the “Skywalker saga”, and also Disney’s first “anthology film” in the shape of Rogue One. Sadly this means things like The Star Wars Holiday Special or the Ewoks movies (despite Caravan of Courage being an underrated classic) are not going to make the cut. That being said, expect an article in the near future looking at Star Wars outside of the core movies.

Without further ado, here it is. My ranking of the Star Wars films. Well, today at least. The top and bottom are always pretty consistent. I think depending on how I’m feeling there’s always room for minor tweaks in the middle.

A word of warning. I’m going to spoil absolutely every single film on my list so if you’re yet to see The Last Jedi or maybe you’ve managed to avoid Empire Strikes Back up to now then turn back!

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