High Seas (Alta mar) Season 2 Review: The Ship Still Sails

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 22, 2019 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Netflix Series High Seas (Alta mar) Season 2


High Seas Season 2 continues to impress with its scene-setting methods and truly enjoyable stories that continue to invoke mystery and intrigue.

This review of Netflix Series High Seas (Alta mar) Season 2 contains no spoilers.

What I truly enjoyed about the previous season of High Seas is its induction of mystery and intrigue. Everything felt claustrophobic, bound to this ever-sailing ship where the characters all have varying objectives while on board. How the first season evolved all the way up to its shocking climax was attributed to the applaudable patience put into the story. The Spanish series is a real ‘dark horse’ amongst the thumbnails and highlights Netflix’s strength in the international market — a torch that they can hold up proudly against their competitors.

The mystery and intrigue continue in High Seas Season 2 immediately following on from the events of last season; the ship is in lockdown to find the rogue attacker but on the other hand, the captain is on course for a rescue mission, which diverts their course slightly. Natalia poshly opposes the notion of rescuing the people stranded out on sea due to her coffee deal when she finally reaches their destination, but Fernando politely reminds her of the law at sea, and that the ship is his — for now.

A new character is the new selling point in High Seas Season 2 in the form of Casandra (Claudia Traisac), one of the people stranded out in the sea in a lifeboat. Mystery oozes out of her as soon as she enters the ship with her supernatural intuition which immediately perks the interests of her newly founded acquaintances. Just when you think that this ship cannot delve into more mystery, it adds another character into the narrative to truly deepen the atmosphere.

Like the last season, High Seas (Alta mar) produces a great deal of glam and impressive decor to represent the class of the characters. The performances are well above par, and although there is an English dub version of their dialogue, I’d highly recommend enjoying the authenticity and listening in the native language.

High Seas Season 2 just has this way of making you feel a part of the experience, almost like you are standing against the wall as one of the cabin crew, watching the drama of these highly privileged people unfold. Add the Spanish Netflix series to your list.

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