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Like any good voyage, High Seas season 3 has its share of ups and downs, but if you can cope with some choppy waters there’s another solid mystery to unravel here.

This review of High Seas season 3 is spoiler-free.

Picking up 18 months after the events of the second season, High Seas season 3 finds the Villanueva sisters, Eva (Ivana Baquero) and Carolina (Alejandra Onieva), once again boarding the Barbara de Braganza for a voyage. This time, though, Eva, now a successful author, is tasked by Brazilian spy Fabio (Marco Pigossi) to access the passenger records and figure out which of those on-board is a doctor who developed a deadly virus for the Nazis.

Nicolas Vasquez (Jon Kortajarena), meanwhile, is captaining a new cargo ship owned by Carolina, which is setting out on its maiden voyage and whose captain was kidnapped before setting sail. A takeover plot involving the captain of the Barbara de Braganza and the new First Officer sent to replace Nicolas is a percolating subplot, as is a new conspiracy involving two new characters and a doppelganger. It’s a lot.

But High Seas thrives on providing a lot – new voyages, new characters, and new mysteries are the bread and butter of this intriguing, flawed Spanish mystery series, which seems as if it has an infinite supply of soapy dramatics to be getting on with. It’s littered with spotty writing and contrivances, but that’s half the appeal; High Seas season 3 will happily contort logic for the sake of a twist, drop half-finished subplots for the sake of expediency, and completely indulge itself for the sake of camp guilty pleasure entertainment.

This show has a devoted fan base, and it’s easy to see why. They’ll be well-served by this briefer-than-usual six-episode third season, and you know another is just on the horizon.

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Jonathon Wilson

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1 thought on “High Seas season 3 review – another voyage is underway, and it won’t be the last

  • August 8, 2020 at 11:43 pm

    Season 3 was much sillier than season 1 and 2 and not half as interesting or enjoyabe. The makers for some peculiar and terrible reason of their own decided to get rid of their only male actor with sex appeal (and the only love story that injected some complexity in the cartoon level relationships of the series) and replace him with another male character, who has no appeal, no charisma and is the stupidest spy ever to walk this earth. The Eva character got on my nerves too. So I’m disembarking here and do not care for season 4, unless they find a way to resurrect the character they killed. Over and out.


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