High Seas season 3, episode 5 recap – “Locked Up”

August 8, 2020
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“Locked Up” reveals the true perpetrator but not the motive, and leaves the finale with plenty of threads to tie up.

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“Locked Up” reveals the true perpetrator but not the motive, and leaves the finale with plenty of threads to tie up.

This recap of High Seas season 3, episode 5, “Locked Up”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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We’ve reached the penultimate episode of High Seas season 3, and “Locked Up” picks up right where the last one left off: With Eva on the floor having been shot, and Fabio trying to wake her up. But it turns out she’s fine anyway since she was wearing a bulletproof vest, which is a stroke of luck. Diana spies this from afar.

Ayala is in custody but the identity of Katona remains a mystery. Fabio debates torturing the info out of Ayala, but there are probably less messy ways of obtaining it. Eva goes to speak with her “sister”, while Fabio tells Valera to search Ayala’s cabin.

This doesn’t leave Diana and Carmen much time to plot, so they resolve to kill Carolina and have Diana assume her identity for good. Eva quickly arrives to confront her “sister”, but she eventually convinces her to play along for now.

Speaking of which, the captain isn’t about to find anyone to play along with him – when he tries to change Hector’s mind, the mutinous crew force him into his cabin at gunpoint, ordered by Pierre to stay there. But Nicolas, on the radio, smells something fishy from the change in course.

So, too, does Veronica, who speaks to Dimas about “Diana” and eventually Eva herself. It’s time to save the day. But they find a suicide note, tipping them off to the plan to off Carolina, which is occurring on the deck – Carmen and Diana are about the throw her overboard. Eva finally unwraps her sister and quickly takes her to Fernando. She’s still weak from sedation and passes out, but she’ll survive.

High Seas season 3, episode 5 finally decides that now’s the time to reveal what’s up with Diana. With a decade left of her prison bid, Ayala proposed a deal that, presumably, included being facially reconfigured to resemble Carolina. She claims not to have killed anyone, despite involvement in the two murders, and Carmen claims to have felt no choice but to stick by her daughter.

They’re taken away. Ayala remains in the brig. But the picture remains missing.

Meanwhile in “Locked Up”, Hector’s mutiny comes to fruition, and he and Pierre arrest Natalia and Fernando, with instructions to arrest Eva too. Eva, in the meantime, is directed by Carolina to Pedro, who eventually brings her the picture. Now knowing who she’s after, she collects Fabio and reveals the tea: Alex is short for Alexandra which abbreviates to Ana – Ana is Katona. They converse, and the events are all laid out nice and neatly, as we get a new context for what we’ve witnessed so far.

“Locked Up” speeds towards its finale, with a big development coming when Diana finds Ana – the latter injects her with the virus, and we see Hector smooch Ana, so they’re presumably working together. From afar, Eva spies this and gives it legs to find herself reunited with Nicolas, who has returned to save her.

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