High Seas season 3, episode 4 recap – “Chasing Shadows”

August 8, 2020
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“Chasing Shadows” builds to another big cliffhanger and there’s still all to play for as we head into the final two episodes.

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“Chasing Shadows” builds to another big cliffhanger and there’s still all to play for as we head into the final two episodes.

This recap of High Seas season 3, episode 4, “Chasing Shadows”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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Following on from the cliffhanger ending of the previous episode, “Chasing Shadows” opens with Eva finding Fabio unconscious on the ground. He didn’t see who hit him and the photos are gone. Varela is becoming increasingly suspicious, though, and finding Ayala’s bloody towels in a case in his wardrobe, the inspector arrests him.

While he’s in custody, Varela allows Eva a brief visit, during which Fabio confesses to having kept Eva in the dark about some things but reveals his suspicions of Ayala, telling the woman to watch him.

We also got a sense of Diana’s endgame here, as we learn that she wants to take Carolina’s life for herself long-term. The real Carolina, meanwhile, is able to snatch and hide a syringe, and also witnesses Carmen stashing the photo in the wardrobe.

Eva begins following Ayala, doing so to a cabin of a waiter called Nestor. She hides out in Ana’s room and, upon leaving, bumps into Ayala. It’s not the most sophisticated reconnaissance I’ve ever seen.

Valera, meanwhile, confesses to Fabio that he knows he’s being set up and offers to free him for answers about who killed Viktor and why. Once he’s let go, he speaks to Eva, who wants to plan a trap, but her sister has already made one. Using the pilfered syringe, she jabs it in Ayala’s neck, stumbles out of bed, and makes off with the developed photograph.

It’s a close call, but Carmen and Diana are able to nab the fleeing woman and prevent her from revealing anything to Eva, who, outside with Fabio, shows “Carolina” a message, ostensibly from Katona, who apparently wants to meet and hand over the virus in exchange for half a million dollars. The time and location of the exchange will be on the deck, at midnight, but naturally, this is all a ruse to lure Ayala out into the open.

Carolina’s escape attempt leads to her being sedated by Carmen again and returned to bed, but the developed photo is found by Pedro, who, none the wiser, puts it away.

The coup continues here in High Seas season 3, episode 4, as Pierre and Hector spike the captain’s tea, leading to hallucinations so severe that he’s removed from command by Natalia. Pierre hates Natalia, and plans, with Hector’s help, to ruin the shipping line and the Fabregas family.

Veronica also continues to snoop, spotting Carolina’s binds in the wardrobe while hanging up Carmen’s ball gown, and she questions Diana about this. It’s explained away, but not convincingly.

At that ball, both Fabio and Varela note Ayala’s arrival with a nod. Despite some attempted interference by Diana-as-Carolina, Eva is able to arm herself and prepare for the meeting, while Veronica gives the captive Carolina a hint to shut her eyes tightly if she needs help – she does.

The meeting goes ahead but goes wrong. Diana is able to free herself from being subdued by Eva, and gets to Carmen back at the party, while Ayala is able to dupe Fabio and shoot Eva. Varela, though, is able to catch him, closing off “Chasing Shadows” in an exciting way.

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