High Seas season 3, episode 6 recap – “The Eternal Sea” running aground



“The Eternal Sea” caps off the third season of High Seas with some trademark ridiculousness and melodramatics, but some contrivances notwithstanding it remains an entertaining guilty-pleasure mystery series.

This recap of High Seas season 3, episode 6, “The Eternal Sea”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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We finally reach the end of our voyage in “The Eternal Sea”, which begins with Nicolas and Eva evading patrolling guards, making their way back to Carolina. The mutiny is still very much underway and despite feeling a bit under the weather still, it’s time for Carolina to get up and get going.

Fabio, meanwhile, is being held captive in the brig with Ayala, and Hector lays out to Pierre his and Ana’s plans for destroying the shipping lane: They’re going to kill everyone aboard.

But Pierre’s torn. As he later explains to Nicolas, Hector paid him to change the ship’s direction, not to kill people with a virus. He believed the plan was to bankrupt the shipping lane, not to murder everyone on the ship. Understanding that Hector needs to go, Pierre face-turns, and everyone’s able to apprehend Hector, take control of the ship and change its direction.

But there’s still Ana and the virus – good name for a band, that – to contend with. On the deck, Ana, cornered, explains that she created the virus as a kind of vanity project in retaliation for the war, which is about as good an explanation as we were ever going to get, really. Of course, the virus is still aboard in Diana’s veins, and she isn’t looking too hot for harboring it. She’s taken to the infirmary.

Again, fittingly given current circumstances, everyone is ordered into quarantine. The virus is spreading and is going to require a vaccine, and who better to provide one than Ayala. But Ayala isn’t going to do something for nothing and gets Fabio to agree to an immunity deal in exchange for the help. The spy agrees though a warship on the horizon promises to sink the ship, and a full-scale evacuation seems to be in order.

Time quickly runs out in High Seas season 3, episode 6. As Hector starts to come down with symptoms and the vaccine appears not to be working on Diana, Nicolas races down to the infirmary with more blood drawn from Ana’s arm in a scene you’ll probably recognize from the season’s opener. Good news: The serum works. Bad news: The warship opens fire.

In the chaos, Pierre leaves Hector and Ana to die, though he leaves the keys on the table; Carolina covers Diana’s corpse with a blanket; the captain dies off-screen, and another shot ruins the boat even further. With the right flag finally raised, Ana is able to break free for a final square-off in “The Eternal Sea”, during which she and Nicolas kill each other. Before he expires, he confesses to loving Eva, who joins the rest of the survivors on the deck as they board lifeboats.

Phew. There was a whole lot going on in “The Eternal Sea”, arguably too much, and while it seems a fourth season is virtually guaranteed, where they might take it from here is anyone’s guess. After a thoroughly ridiculous season that’ll doubtlessly prove divisive, it’ll be interesting to see just how much of the show’s audience are willing to set sail on the High Seas again.

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