Locke & Key season 1, episode 5 recap – “Family Tree”

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 7, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Netflix Series Locke & Key Season 1, Episode 5 - Family Tree


Locke & Key Season 1, Episode 5, “Family Tree” reveals a dark undesirable secret in a slightly better chapter than the previous.

This recap of Netflix Series Locke & Key Season 1, Episode 5, “Family Tree” contains significant spoilers.

After a terrible fourth episode, Episode 5, “Family Tree” picks it up a little. The teen generic drama and slightly on-the-nose performances are letting this Netflix series down so far. Episode 5 opens up with Tyler and Kinsey hearing whispers from the piano — there is a new key and Bode wants to use it. Kinsey inserts the new key in a ballerina box. Tyler is concerned for his siblings and Kinsey’s recent aggressive behavior and suggests they protect a key each. Kinsey learns the new key can make the user control people and uses it to shut Tyler’s mouth.

Kinsey clearly enjoys power.

And the power continues, Kinsey is sick of the bullies at school, and especially Eden who is poking fun at Scot. She suggests using the Control Key to embarrass Eden at lunchtime. Gabe catches them puppeteering Eden and joins in on the fun. Kinsey and Gabe continue embarrassing Eden and Scot tells them both they are taking it too far, but Kinsey ignores him and carries on. Jackie shows Tyler a video of Eden embarrassing herself. He knows it is Kinsey.

At the midway point, Nina notices a scar on Ellie’s chest and it gives her a recent memory. Ellie claims she got it by falling off a bike when she was young. Nina speaks to Mr. Ridgeway and talks about Rendell’s scar which is a mirror of Ellie’s scar. Nina is desperate for answers.

The only issue with Nina is that her character appears way too laid back and presents zero shock to revelations. It’s strange. It’s almost like she is constantly in a daze.

Tyler confronts Kinsey about the Eden incident and he is fuming. He asks Kinsey for the key and they end up arguing about the Well Lady and the keys. Tyler feels he cannot control his siblings during a confusing time. Scot tells Kinsey that he cannot condone her actions but suggests using her powers for good; making a bad short movie until a good one with the Savinis. Scott points out a photo of Rendell and his friends.

Kinsey tries to make up with Tyler — she shows him the photo of Rendell and his friends after graduation and wonders if there is more to it. Kinsey and Tyler hear more whispers and they head to the cemetery. They find a key in a vase — the key has a flower as a head. Kinsey pleas with Tyler, insisting she wants to use the keys to connect them with their father. Kinsey turns the key in a tree nearby and illuminated jars crinkle through the pine straw. The jars hold memories, mostly of Rendell and his friends. Shockingly, Tyler sees a memory of Rendell killing one of his friends.

Could it be that Rendell was one of the bad guys?

Locke & Key Season 1, Episode 5, “Family Tree” closes with Nina meeting Joe after he sent her a panicked voice mail. When she arrives at the house, she finds Joe has been strangled by a plastic bag. Nina rings 911 and then she hears a thud in Joe’s house. Beneath the balcony, it is revealed that Ellie was in the house…

Additional Notes:

  • The Splattering short movie is now finished. Eden mocks Scot for the recast.
  • Bode has brought a blacksmith hammer to school for protection. Nina is wondering why.
  • Bode confides with his Uncle and tries to explain why he needs to protect his family. References Chamberlain Locke. Bode reveals that he has spoken to Chamberlain and asked if he remembers using magic keys with Rendell.
  • Tyler tells Jackie that he is tired of acting like the father to his siblings. Jackie tells him he is strong, kind and has a good sense of who he is. They kiss.

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