Fix You episode 7 recap and breakdown

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 20, 2020 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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K-drama series Fix You episode 7


Fix You episode 7 sees the characters starting to bed in now in an enjoyable chapter.

This recap of K-drama series Fix You episode 7 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Fix You episode 7 begin?

The episode begins with the previous scene of Han Woo Joo telling Lee Si Joon that she wants to be his patient. Lee Si Joon brings her inside to talk further and Han Woo Joo talks of how she scarred herself with a ruler for attention in the past and how she deserves bad treatment from others. Lee Si Joon brings up the patients she has helped, changing their lives forever and that she deserves to be treated well. They high five. Afterwards, Han Woo Joo sees her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her on TV still wearing the expensive watch she got him; she rings him up furious asking for it back. She regrets ringing him instantly. Fix You episode 7 sees a long road to treat Han Woo Joo.

The new patient

Patient Park Ru Oh’s current medication isn’t working and he keeps screaming, listing different locations. Lee Si Joon arrives and he’s told his visual hallucinations are getting worse — he offers to take him for a walk despite night walks not being permitted. There seems to be a growing resistance against Lee Si Joon’s methods. Park Ru Oh’s mother comes in the next day looking to discharge her son and Lee Si Joon tells her she can’t yet as he has gotten worse and suggests that the isolation that she put him under has mentally inflicted him. She asks Lee Si Joon if he’s confident of healing him.

3 months prior.

The episode then jumps back 3 months ago when Lee Si Joon saw a note online from Ru Oh threatening to jump in front of a car. Lee Si Joon drives at night to find Ru Oh to stop him. In the present day, Lee Si Joon notes that Ru Oh is a schizophrenic patient that understands his hallucinations are not real — he’s aware.

Back to the expensive watch

Han Woo Joo talks to Lee Si Joon about the expensive watch she bought her expensive boyfriend. She realized she suffered financially to buy him that watch. Han Woo Joo says she feels petty but Lee Si Joon states that most relationships end pettily. I believe what Lee Si Joon was suggesting in this scene is that Han Woo Joo has every right to feel frustrated and that some situations are worth feeling anger for. He’s trying to get her to differentiate rational and irrational thoughts.

Complaint reported

There’s been a complaint made to the human rights department towards the hospital for violence against a patient in the ward. The police arrive to do a search and seize investigation. Lee Si Joon tells the police that they have to protect patient confidentiality. The police threaten to arrest Lee Si Joon. The chief of the hospital tells his staff to comply with the search — it’s about Ru Oh. Lee Si Joon tells Dr. In Dong Hyuk that he admitted Oh Ruh without guardians consent as they couldn’t get in touch after a 3-day window.

How does Fix You episode 7 end?

Han Woo Joo asks one of the doctors why anyone would complain — the doctor explains that Lee Si Joo did not give Ru Oh any medication because his body rejected it and it made the lives of the nurses difficult. Han Woo Joo comes to the conclusion that someone planned the complaint and they are trying to find flaws in Dr. Lee. She is going to find out who submitted the report. Fix You episode 7 sees the character starting to bed in now in an enjoyable chapter.

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