Fix You episode 12 recap and breakdown

May 22, 2020
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Fix You episode 12  brings forth the romance that we expected as Han Woo Joo returns to the hospital.

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Fix You episode 12  brings forth the romance that we expected as Han Woo Joo returns to the hospital.

This recap of K-drama series Fix You episode 12 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Fix You episode 12 open?

Episode 12 begins with Han Woo Joo’s friend telling Lee Si Joon that she’s worried because she isn’t angry or showing a temper recently. Meanwhile, Han Woo Joo tells Ji Young Won that she feels she has no-one — the doctor offers to be her friend and they go on a walk. She advises that she will give Han Woo a prescription to help the depression and that she should rejoin theatrical therapy.


The hospital holds consultations with members of the voy-tor site to start the treatment. One of the staff members Shin Jong Shik leaves the room and Lee Si Joon follows him — he senses he is anxious and ashamed. There’s also another problem: Nu Ri is one of the photos on the website. In Dong Hyuk speaks to her; he recommends giving her another patient because she’s a victim of the case. Nu Ri approaches the patient Shin Jong Shik directly in front of other doctors and is extremely upset. Nu Ri embarrasses Shin Jong Shik who claims he never took the photo, it was just on the site.

Lee Si Joon possibly has feelings for Han Woo Joo

In Dong Hyuk asks Lee Si Joon if he has feelings for Han Woo Joo because he keeps hesitating — he reiterates that Lee Si Joon needs her to help with his patients. Lee Si Joon meets Han Woo Joo at the cafe. He makes her an offer to return to the hospital. She accepts his offer to return but she has one condition — he must sing to a flower on the sidewalk. He sings and it makes her laugh. When Han Woo returns home, she researches Voyeuristic disorder and she messages Lee Si Joon about her proposed approach. Fix You episode 12 shows both characters growing closer.

Theatrical therapy returns

Han Woo Joo starts theatrical therapy on Shin Jong Shik. She talks about control over women and how he felt superior. He says it wasn’t that at all and gets angry — Han Woo Joo then pretends to be his mother who has found a sexual magazine in his room and he gets angry. She then pretends to be his sister who is upset that someone took a photo of her in the subway for voy-tor. Shin Jong Shik apologizes and Lee Si Joon asks what he’s sorry about — he admits what he was doing is trashy and that he couldn’t stop. He then admits to taking the photos — he claims he didn’t know Nu Ri was a doctor. There’s shock and upset in the room but once again Fix You episode 12 proves her worth in the hospital

How does Fix You episode 12 end?

Han Woo Joo tells Lee Si Joon that she likes working at the hospital. She talks about a single happy moment with her mother and how the hospital reminds her of that happiness. Lee Si Joon gives her a bracelet and she asks him to put it on. As he walks off, she hugs him from behind. Fix You episode 12  brings forth the romance that we expected as Han Woo Joo returns to the hospital.

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