Fix You episode 14 recap and breakdown

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 28, 2020 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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K-drama series Fix You episode 14


Fix You Episode 14 was another breakthrough chapter especially for Han Woo Joo who is beginning to put the pieces together.

This recap of K-drama series Fix You episode 14 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Fix You episode 14 open?

It begins with Lee Si Joon wondering if Han Woo Joo is upset at him after not hearing from her. Meanwhile, Koh Sang Mo wants the hospital to deal with the panic disorders of subway engineers. Lee Si Joon is under pressure to heal the congressman’s tic and he plans to use theatrical therapy.

Han Woo Joo finds her mother’s new shop and gives her a birthday gift. Her mother is very dismissive and tells Han Woo Joo that she doesn’t like her and that since adopting her, nothing went right — she dissolved the adoption. Han Woo Joo tells her she still has dreams about the fire and wants forgiveness. Her mother tells her to go look for her biological parents. Han Woo Joo gets upset and angry and starts trashing the store and her mother calls her a crazy b*tch, stating she should have sent her back to an asylum years ago. This is an upsetting scene in Fix You episode 14, showing the problems Han Woo Joo has had to deal with.

Looking for Han Woo Joo

Lee Si Joon heads to the cafe looking for Han Woo Joo. He learns that the chicken shop was her adoptive mother’s. Han Woo rings Lee Si Joon and says she cannot attend the hospital today because she’s going to see her mother. Lee Si Joon heads into his car to find her. He finds her on the beach. The beach is the only memory Han Woo Joo has of her biological mother; she explains how her adoption was dissolved. Lee Si Joon cheers her up and they go for noodles. Han Woo Joo tells Lee Si Joon that she doesn’t understand her feelings. Lee Si Joon tells her that how we choose to live is important. After they eat, Lee Si Joon realizes he doesn’t have his car keys.

Lee Si Joon’s anxiety

Lee Si Joon and Han Woo Joo search the beach at night for the car keys. Suddenly, Lee Sj Joon loses her and panics — he finds her shoes near some rocks and fears the worse. He starts shouting her name and she creeps up behind him and reveals that she has the keys. Lee Si Joon is frustrated and embarrassed and grabs her shoes. Han Woo Joo is happy that someone is worried about her. Fix You episode 14 seems to confirm that Han Woo Joo is convinced that Lee Si Joon likes her.

The subway engineer

In Dong Hyuk sits down with one of the subway engineers and they recall a time a driver had a panic attack and left the train while another train heads the other way. The engineer has had a panic disorder since. In Dong Hyuk tells him he will cure him.

Han Woo Joo tells her friend about Lee Si Joon

Han Woo Joo tells her friend that Lee Si Joon made her feel better and suggests he is interested in her. Her friend thinks he is only interested because he is a doctor and he is making sure she is okay. Han Woo Joo insists she is not misunderstanding anything. Her friend tells Han Woo Joo that Ji Young Won introduced her to Lee Si Joon as a patient.

How does Fix You episode 14 end?

In Dong Hyuk figures out that the congressman’s tic returned over the pressure and guilt over the subway engineers. Lee Si Joon shows the congressman a photo of the subway operator that died. The congressman discusses the horrific working conditions and that he could not fulfill his promises. His tic begins to get worse. Lee Si Joon tells the congressman that real treatment can only be done by himself. Fix You episode 14 ends in dramatic circumstances; Han Woo Joon asks Ji Young Won why she passed her on to Lee Si Joon and wonders what disease she has. Episode 14 was another breakthrough chapter especially for Han Woo Joo who is beginning to put the pieces together.

Additional notes
  • A couple of the doctors want to help Nu-ri and do something nice for her.

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