Was It Love? episode 7 recap and breakdown – Dae-o deals with his confessed feelings

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 29, 2020 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Netflix K-drama series Was It Love? episode 7


Episode 7 has plenty of drama but it felt forced in a rather convoluted chapter.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Was It Love? episode 7 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Was It Love? episode 7 open?

We are back to Dae-o telling Ae-jeong that he still loves her, a moment that was not shocking at all but what was outrageous is that Ae-jeong laughs at him, thinking it’s a joke. Dae-o is left in shock at her willingness to wave his words off. Poor guy.

New acquaintances

In the next scene, Joo A-rin feels Dae-o is looking out for her. Yeon-woo’s mother comes over and she reveals herself to be the CEO of an entertainment company. Dae-o is surprised and shakes Yeon-woo’s hand. Meanwhile, Ae-jeong tells Yeon-woo that he looks really handsome for the event; he sees the mess on her dress and gives her his suit jacket. Yeon-woo finds her a new blouse and some shoes and with a little encouragement, she accepts his offer to buy them. Everyone is so try-hard with Ae-jeong, it’s easy to feel sorry for her.

Genuine feelings

Dae-o tells Ryu Jin what he said to Ae-jeong; that he loves her plus her shocking reaction. He expresses that he cannot control how he feels for her and he will not give up. Ryu Jin raises that she has a daughter but that doesn’t seem to bother Dae-o. Ryu Jin seems frustrated by the conversation and leaves. This love square is so complicated.

Two men, one woman

On the way home, Dae-o watches Yeon-woo play basketball. Yeon-woo tells Dae-o not to go to Ae-jeong’s house unannounced. Dae-o asks Yeon-woo why he’s pretending to be a commoner when he clearly isn’t — Yeon-woo reveals it’s because he loves her and asks why Dae-o keeps harassing her.

Both men are enemies now. They both want the same woman that they love. Yeon-woo ends up punching Dae-o and they end up fighting. This scene came across as rather pathetic. They should have competitively played basketball against each other.

Your’re lying

At work the next day, Ae-jeong notices that Dae-o’s face is looking like he’s been in a fight. Dae-o and Ae-jeong continue to be childish with each other as Hye-jin sits there as the third wheel. Dae-o follows Ae-jeong outside and asks why she’s avoiding him. He talks about the revised script and wants her to remember how much they were in love. Ae-jeong claims she won’t remember any of it — Dae-o asks why she is lying and hates him so much which frustrates Ae-jeong.

Ae-jeong is holding back for some reason with Dae-o, with the story choosing to eke it out slowly.


In a flashback, a younger Dae-o invited Ae-jeong out to eat. He’s allergic to clams and asks her to make him number 1 if he eats one. He ends up in the hospital and tells Ae-jeong that he likes her a lot. Well… that’s dedicated but a little desperate.

PTA meeting

Was It Love? episode 7 sees Koo Pa-do still lurking but for some reason, his role doesn’t seem as important as it did at the start of the season — maybe it will become more relevant later as you always sense he also has feelings for Ae-jeong.

Koo Pa-do arrives at the PTA meeting and all the mothers seem excited. They recommend that he is the leading representative. Koo Pa-do puts his hand up and recommends Ae-jeong but he still wins the vote so he elects Ae-jeong as the vice-representative. When Dong-chan hears the news, he seems downbeat about it. He clearly has a problem with his father and it impacts their relationship.

I have a kid

Ae-jeong has a meeting with Yeon-woo’s mother and Joo A-rin and they discuss the film. She reveals she has a kid and Joo A-rin is surprised by the news and welcomes it and wants to have a sisterhood type friendship with Ae-jeong.

Here’s allowance

Dae-o sees Ha-nee and has a conversation with her about her trying to get a part-time job and lectures about her short skirt. He gives her money because Ae-jeong doesn’t give her an allowance. Ha-nee insists her mother takes good care of her and returns the money.

On the bus, Yeon-woo sees Dae-o chasing after Ha-nee so gets off the bus. Ha-nee is nearly run over and Dae-o runs to try to save her. A little bit of drama to spice up the chapter I suppose.

The printer

Ryu Jin heads to the office and helps Ae-jeong with the printer. A flashback shows him doing the exact same thing in the past to help her. She used to break printers all the time. In the present, he asks if she’s working with Dae-o because he heard he liked her.

The hospital

Ae-jeong suddenly gets a call as Ha-nee is in hospital. It’s actually Dae-o who was hurt by trying to save Ha-nee. Ryu Jin asks Dae-o why he’s at the hospital but there’s weirdness because of the whole daughter/father dynamic between Ha-nee and Ryu Jin. Ha-nee is furious at Ryu Jin because of what his manager said. She asks Ryu Jin if he is her father and if he isn’t, then why would he apologize. Ae-jeong rushes to her daughter to interrupt the conversation and she tells her mother she’s fine, it’s Dae-o who is hurt.

How does Was It Love? episode 7 end?

During the night, Ae-jeong starts texting Dae-o to say thank you; Yeon-woo remembers seeing Dae-o save Ha-nee; Ryu Jin remembers how he felt when he saw Dae-o and Ha-nee together talking at the hospital.

The next day in the office, Dae-o is still injured and Ae-jeong thanks him for stopping her daughter from getting hurt. They talk about the script and they need to figure out why the lead characters broke up. Dae-o asks Ae-jeong what her thoughts are — she states there was not a special reason and that the woman’s love was fleeting while the male character was enraged and felt betrayed; he loved her so much he hated her. Ae-jeong reiterates that’s what is in the prologue.

As Dae-o is about to comfort a sleeping Ae-jeong, Ryu Jin grabs Dae-o’s arm. He’s clearly in love with her as well so we can assume episode 8 will flesh this out. Episode 7 has plenty of drama but it felt forced in a rather convoluted chapter.

Additional points
  • Ryu Jin’s manager wonders what’s so special about this movie.
  • Ms Song reminds Ryu Jin of the first time they met and she hopes he will not break his faith in her.

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