Was It Love? episode 8 recap and breakdown – childish grown men

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 31, 2020 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Netflix K-drama series Was It Love? episode 8


Episode 8 felt petty and childish — while the narrative is meant to be quirky, it does feel strange how the adults are acting in the story.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Was It Love? episode 8 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Was It Love? episode 8 open?

It begins in the year 2003, Ryu Jin has enlisted in the army and he’s returned to the town. Everyone welcomes him. Ae-jeong announces herself on to the campus and is ready to embark in film and production. In a narration, Ryu Jin is stating he was the one to fall for her first; he was uncomfortable when Dae-o and Ae-jeong started dating. He’s a grown man.

Stop liking her

In the present day, Ryu Jin tells Dae-o to stop have feelings for Ae-jeong. Dae-o laughs, believing it is a joke but it’s not. A-rin heads over with her manager with food as Ae-jeong wakes up in the office. Ryu Jin and A-rin acknowledge each other like they have a past.

Secrets between the leads

A-rin asks Ryu Jin if he “remembers that day” referencing when their eyes met. Ryu Jin was doing something in the fields and it was embarrassing (not sure what it was but A-rin has kept it as a secret). The pair then argue why they are both doing the movie. A-rin admits she is pining over another man.

She wasn’t asleep

It’s then revealed that Ae-jeong overheard Dae-o and Ryu Jin speaking about her while she was apparently sleeping on her desk. Well, this is getting awkward.

Taking Ae-jeong home

As the night turns into morning, A-rin asks Dae-o if he’d like to go for breakfast. Dae-o says no and asks Ae-jeong if she’d like a drive home; Ryu Jin also asks. Ae-jeong rejects both of them and agrees to get into A-rin’s car.  On the way home, Ae-jeong tells A-rin that she is a single mother. A-rin finds it strange that someone as cool as Ae-jeong is single. Ae-jeong says she is too busy for a relationship.

Craving a relationship

Was It Love? episode 8 shows how Ae-jeong will not be able to avoid the “father” issue for long either.

When Ae-jeong gets home, her mother shows her the note that says “To My Future Baby” and states her daughter saw it. Inside it says “Yeon-woo — father” and her mother states that Ha-nee craves a relationship with her father.

Overbearing mother

Yeon-woo’s mother is angry at Yeon-woo for leaving the event early and wonders why he keeps hiding things from home. She wanted to introduce him to Assemblyman Kim’s daughter and wonders who the woman he left the event with was. Ae-jeong is agitated and tells his mother to stop.

I’m in deep.

Dae-o asks Ryu Jin why he asked him to stop liking Ae-jeong. Ryu Jin tells his friend that he liked Ae-jeong first and Dae-o tells his friend to stop — “Why were you there for me?”. Dae-o states that Ryu Jin should have kept his secret from him — Ryu Jin tells his friend that he’s in too deep and Dae-o walks out. Well, that was awkward… and childish. All this ‘who liked who first’ is tiring for two full-grown men.

Ae-jeong tells Yeon-woo that she wasn’t expecting her daughter to want her father as she felt she was doing a good job as a single parent. Yeon-woo states she is doing a good job and that he wants to be there for her and Ha-nee. How noble.

I choose you

A-rin then brings Dae-o over to the house and Dae-o is extremely drunk. He asks Ae-jeong to choose between the three men that are in love with her. A-rin is confused about what he’s on about but then Dae-o gets emotional repeating, “I choose you”. Yeon-woo asks A-rin and her manager to drive him home. Ae-jeong looks concerned as they drag him away. Dae-o is losing it at this point and Ae-jeong is not giving an inch to what her intentions are with anyone.

Time has passed

When A-rin takes him home, she remembers that in 2005 she told Dae-o that she loves him. She asks him who he finds pretty and he tells her he finds Ae-jeong beautiful. In the present day, A-rin realizes that time has passed but nothing has changed. The next morning, Dae-o remembers his drunk confrontation with Ae-jeong and is hungover and embarrassed.

How does Was It Love? episode 8 end?

As the episode ends, Ryu Jin, Yeon-woo, and Koo Pa-do rush to try and find Ae-jeong as her phone is off; Hye-jin tells Yeon-woo she’s having a day off and hints that Dae-o is with her. Ae-jeong is location scouting while the other three men look for her like absolute idiots by getting on a boat to another island. Dae-o helps Ae-jeong with the location without asking if she wants help. Ae-jeong is annoyed that Dae-o keeps crossing the line. Dae-o tells her that he’s missed her like crazy and approaches her for a kiss– as she closes her eyes, the episode ends. Episode 8 felt petty and childish — while the narrative is meant to be quirky, it does feel strange how the adults are acting in the story.

Additional points
  • Ha-nee and Yeon-woo think it would be nice if they were father and daughter.
  • Dong-chan doesn’t accept his allowance from his father and asks Koo Pa-do why his mother died. Koo Pa-do debates whether he can tell his son. Later, Koo Pa-do ends up in a fight with a man.
  • Ha-nee tells Dong-chan that she doesn’t think Ryu Jin is her father. She wants revenge but she’s not entirely clear in what she means by that.
  • Ae-jeong’s mother tells the Aunt that she’s worried that her daughter will die alone.
  • A-rin learns that Yeon-woo lives with Ae-jeong and accidentally tells his mother.

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