A Love So Beautiful episode 7 recap – is a love triangle forming for Sol-i?

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 11, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama series A Love So Beautiful episode 7


Episode 7 shows the great strength of friendship as Sol-i and her friends venture out of town together. The warmth of the story returns.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series A Love So Beautiful episode 7 contains significant spoilers.

The opening

Episode 7 opens up in March 2007. Sol-i saves a seat for Cha Heon in class, and she’s eager as ever to make sure it is saved. Later on, Jeong Jin-hwan sees an advert for a TV singing competition, and he wants to audition and wants Sol-i and co to support him.

Parent problems and the phone audition

At home, Sol-i’s parents are arguing about money. The mother asks the father to get the money back immediately. The father leaves the house rather upset, and Sol-i stands shocked and unable to gauge the situation. Jeong Jin-hwan has to take part in a phone audition, and his friends listen in. He sings a love song while looking at Ha-young. He makes the first cut. This is a little comedy injected into the story.

Finding comfort in Cha Heon

Sol-i returns home to a quiet house and sees a note from her mother stating that she’s gone to another city. She speaks to her Cha Heon about her family issues and bursts into tears. Her father’s phone has been off for two days, and she’s worried that there will be a divorce. She cries into his sleeve as he stands there despondent. This is a little reminder that parents define your childhood — they can be truly upsetting times.

A night away

Jin-hwan attends the second preliminary round for the singing competition; Sol-i and Dae-sung are his back-up dancer. He tries rapping, but the judges immediately dismiss him, and he’s dragged off the stage — his dream is shattered. As they are out of town, the friends decide to stay the night. Dae-sung gets a call from his coach, who berates him for missing training.

Looking at the stars

The friends look up at the stars together and enjoy the time they have away from the norm. Late in the night, Sol-i thanks Cha Heon for listening to her about her parents. Sol-i then tells him she wished to the stars that he liked her back, but she isn’t putting her hopes up or setting high expectations. I think deep down she can tell that Cha Heon likes her back, but he needs pushing.

The ending

As the episode ends, the friends put their secrets into handwritten notes, fold them and then mix of them on the table to read them all out each. When Sol-i opens the secret she has, it says “I like Sol-i”. They all vow to keep their secrets. But who wrote that note — Dae-sung or Cha Heon? Is a love triangle forming?

A Love So Beautiful episode 7 shows the great strength of friendship as Sol-i and her friends venture out of town together. The warmness of the story returns.

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