A Love So Beautiful episode 14 recap – Cha Heon finds confidence

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 29, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama series A Love So Beautiful episode 14


A Love So Beautiful episode 14 finally makes some progress with a couple of plot points as characters make some personal progress.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series A Love So Beautiful episode 14 contains significant spoilers.

The last episode left a couple of things unresolved; Ha-young’s crush on Mr Lee and the misunderstanding between Sol-i and Cha Heon. In episode 14, it’s June 2008, and Ha-young is prowling around the doctor’s office. She has a crush on Mr Lee and pretends she feels a little ill, so he gives her attention. He gives her some medicine and tells her to go back to class.

Dae-sung comes to Sol-i’s rescue again

Hui-ji asks Cha Heon to join her at the doctor’s office, and Sol-i idly watches. Dae-sung comes to the rescue again and saves Sol-i from her despair. Cha Heon is painfully staying mute, and as usual, not doing anything to clarify the situation.

Finally, Cha Heon is doing something about Sol-i

But there is a turning point to ease viewers’ fears that Cha Heon will lack this confidence forever. In the library, Cha Heon plucks up the courage (finally) and asks Sol-i to sit next to him. She sits next to him and reads a book. Cha Heon smiles, happy to be in her company. He watches her read and then uses a pen to flick her hair behind her ear. This shocks Sol-i as Cha Heon is showing physical interest for once. Afterwards, Sol-i and Ha-young find Mi-nyeo trying to find a four-leaf clover which will ensure they will find love, so they join in.

Hui-ji is stealing and Jin-hwan learns a horrible truth

But for the most part, episode 14 is not good for Jin-hwan.

Hui-ji quickly leaves the doctor’s office, and Ha-young quickly goes in. She leaves a four-leaf clover drawing on Mr Lee’s notebook. As she leaves, she sees the drug cabinet has been opened. Jin-hwan sees Mr Lee leave the office, and when he enters it, he suddenly learns that Ha-young has a crush on the doctor. He remembers Ha-young giving hints to who she has a crush on, and it’s all starting to add up in his head. He’s crestfallen about the situation.

Jin-hwan has an outburst in class and decides to leave. Cha Heon runs after him, and Jin-hwan accuses everyone knowing that Ha-young having a crush on Mr Lee except him. The next day, Jin-hwan doesn’t return to school, and everyone wonders what’s going on.

Hui-ji is unwell, and it has consequences

Thus far, one of the remaining mysteries of the series is Hui-ji, who has not been herself for a few episodes. In the girl’s bathroom, Hui-ji collapses. Ha-young realises that Hui-ji was the one that stole from the doctor’s office. Hui-ji’s mother comes to the school and blames her daughter’s illness on them. Mr Lee raises how Hui-ji is depressed, which worsens the situation as he falsely admits he prescribed her medication. Mr Lee takes full responsibility and resigns; Ha-young is gutted and visits him before he leaves. She tells him that Hui-ji stole the medication, but Mr Lee tells her to be nice to Hui-ji. He’s making an honourable sacrifice to save Hui-ji’s from being suspended.

The ending

On the way home, Sol-i apologises to Cha Heon for misunderstanding the situation over Hui-ji as he knew that she was unwell. Jin-hwan returns to school with an entirely new look, and Ha-young is surprised. He decides to give a speech to all the students during P.E and admits he has a crush on someone he wants to ask out. He tells Ha-young that he likes her with all his heart. She smiles, indicating that his speech worked.

A Love So Beautiful episode 14 finally makes some progress with a couple of plot points as characters make some personal progress.

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