Hello, Me! episode 3 recap – Ha-yeong recognises her younger sister

February 24, 2021
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K-Drama Netflix series Hello Me episode 3


Episode 3 toils with a few ideas that do not really land — the story does not feel as effective as the opening chapters, but there’s still a promise that this becomes an endearing series of self-discovery.

This recap of K-Drama Netflix series Hello, Me! episode 3 contains spoilers.

Now that Ha-ni has established she is partnered with her past teenage self, the question toiling both versions of the character is — how do they send teen Ha-ni back to the past?

At the start of the Hello, Me! episode 3, Ha-ni slaps her younger self for stating how depressing her life is. Ha-ni (teen) tells her to end her life if it’s so miserable but doesn’t believe she has the courage to before walking away. Her mother rings and asks about her causing trouble at her sister’s place. She asks her to come home and get married. After the phone call, Ha-ni asks herself — “why is she living this way?”.

Of course, we expect older Ha-ni to learn more about herself through younger eyes with each episode passing.

Suicide watch

While walking the streets, three men in suits grab Ha-ni as she’s on the bridge. They take her to the police station and state she was trying to kill herself. The police officer asks her a range of questions. She insists she wasn’t trying to kill herself. On the way out, one of the men gives her a business card — it’s for debt collection.

Ha-ni (teen) wants to go back to the past

With Ha-ni seeing her miserable future, she wants a solution and quick!

She’s trying to reenact nearly getting run over so she can go back to her present. Ha-ni finds her and offers to push her into the road. She tells her dying isn’t easy, and life is hard. They argue for a bit and agree to get something to eat. They head to Ha-yeong’s place as their sister isn’t in.

Black market broker Han Yu-hyeon

Anthony is buying merchandise, and it feels like a black market. The items look like watches and rings, and he calls it grade-A merchandise. The man selling him the items in disguise is Han Yu-hyeon. The next day, his father, Ji-man, asks him why he’s near the company building. He tells his father that he has a job.

Finding the science behind it and bumping into a Shaman

Episode 3 attempts to mix science and spirituality to the series as both Ha-nis get desperate.

Ha-ni and her teen self watch science videos about time travel, but why find it boring and nearly fell asleep. Ha-ni decides to meet the smartest person she knows and tries explains her situation. Meanwhile, Ha-ni (teen) nearly crossed paths with Ha-yeong.

With little options left, Ha-ni and her teen self conveniently walk into a Shaman. He senses that they are the same person and asks them to follow him if they want help.

Negotiating with the Shaman

The Shaman tells Ha-ni (teen) that she has a big cross behind her and someone in her family is either Christian or Catholic. She is shocked that he knows. Shaman keeps coming up with these predictions, but the older Ha-ni is sceptical. The Shaman tells them that they need to figure out what reason brought them together and perform a rite when it rains heavily. He says it will cost 5 million won but knowing Han Yu-hyeon owes her 1.4 million, Ha-ni tells him she can only pay that. The Shaman wants the money on the same day.

When Ha-ni (teen) leaves the room, Ha-ni tells the Shaman how much the money means to her, and she needs to know if it’s real. The Shaman raises how she killed her father, and suddenly she believes him. We still get the sense that this is all tripe, though, and he’s cold reading.

Ha-ni sends in the debt collectors

In the middle of the night, debt collectors go to Han Yu-hyeon’s apartment to see if they can sell anything in his house. This was arranged by Ha-ni, who wants her money back. However, Han Yu-hyeon says he gave her the money back. When she checks her bank account, she can see the money is already there. Ha-ni is apologetic to an angry Han Yu-hyeon. He drops a key ring, and Ha-ni recognises it, believing it’s hers — her father made it for her. Suddenly, Han Yu-hyeon remembers a memory when he was younger, and he was being bullied, but a girl saved him — she dropped her key ring when she walked off — that girl was Ha-ni. Han Yu-hyeon gives it back willingly after that fond memory.

Interestingly, these two have crossed paths before, yet the series gives no indication whether they’ll be friends…or more, which is rare for k-drama.

Do something for yourself!

Ha-ni (teen) arranges a little party with her future self. She tells her she should no longer feel ashamed or humiliated. The next day, the rain doesn’t arrive, meaning they will have to wait a little longer, but there is some good news — Ha-ni learns that the Squid-good case has been thrown out, and she may be able to get her job back. When she gets into work, her manager tells her that they’ve already replaced her. Ha-ni is fed up with the manager destroying her self-esteem and tells him that he has bad breath. She is proud of herself as she walks away — she claims she has quit and tells her teen self that it’s been a while since she’s done something for herself.

It seems her younger self has given her a boost in confidence to finally stick up for herself rather than wallowing in her own pity.

100 days in the cafeteria

Han Yu-hyeon works in the cafeteria at his father’s work, and Ji-man thinks he’s playing a game and insists he still wants all his money back. Han Yu-hyeon grabs his father and asks for forgiveness. Ji-man tells Han Yu-hyeon that if he works at the cafeteria for 100 days, his debt will be removed, but he doubts he can do it.

The ending

Ha-ni has an idea and decides to do a dance protest with her teen self outside Joa Confectionery regarding the Squid-good incident. Ji-man looks on, and he’s a little astounded. He approaches them after and notes they are having Geoseong snacks in front of Joa Confectionery. He asks what happened and tells Ha-ni that he hopes she can return to work soon. He then praises her endurance, and he’s sure she will receive good news shortly.

They then talk about snacks and how their father used to return home with them. Ha-ni narrates wondering why she crossed paths with her younger self. They return to their sister’s apartment and are in shock to find Ha-yeong has returned home. Her sister recognises the younger version. This is a game-changer in the story.

Hello, Me! episode 3 toils with a few ideas that do not really land — the story does not feel as effective as the opening chapters, but there’s still a promise that this becomes an endearing series of self-discovery.

Additional points
  • Oh Ji-eun presents at work about the Squid-good scandal. She wants to find a way to restore the product’s image. Ji-man wants plans in place in two weeks.

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