Hello, Me! episode 8 recap – Ha-ni has found herself a love triangle

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 11, 2021 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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K-Drama Netflix series Hello Me episode 8


Episode 8 is an improvement — it feels like the story has finally bedded in. Let’s hope that future chapters keep it consistent.

This recap of the K-Drama Netflix series Hello, Me! episode 8 contains spoilers.

Less happened in this chapter of Hello, Me! and it works. Less is more. Hopefully, it stays like this.

After feeling inspired in the last episode, Ha-ni wants to participate in the work contest that involves making a product and tells Oh Ji-eun; she wants to be acknowledged as a team member. Oh Ji-eun gives her permission, and Ha-ni promises to do her best. The character is beginning to warm to her new workplace. She’s found a new chapter in her life. Afterwards, Ha-ni and Han Yu-hyeon go for something to eat. Han Yu-hyeon is getting increasingly jealous of Anthony and keeps imagining moments between him and Ha-ni. Due to his panicky nature, Han Yu-hyeon agrees to partner with her in the contest.

Ha-ni (teen) presses Ha-ni about Han Yu-hyeon

While Ha-ni innocently lives her life, her younger self is suspicious in episode 8.

On the way home, Han Yu-hyeon asks Ha-ni about Anthony and how they supposedly kissed. Ha-ni strongly denies it and raises how Anthony doesn’t like the past raising. Ha-ni (teen) watches them walk back and disapproves of how they are becoming close friends. She thinks they are secretly dating, but Ha-ni states they are teammates for the contest at work.

Confronting the bullies

The longer this series progresses, it’s almost like we forget that Ha-ni lives with her teen self of the past. The series barely reminds us now.

Ha-ni treats her teen self to a cellphone that she can keep until she returns to her timeline. She also wants her younger self to help her out in the competition. Suddenly, Ha-ni (teen) sees her friend So-hye getting bullied, so she defends her. However, she ends up getting punched to the floor, so Ha-ni has to shoot over to defend them both. She fails to confront the bullies as well. The commotion ends up at the police station. Afterwards, Mr Go, So-hye’s father, thanks Ha-ni — he states his daughter has been happy since meeting “her daughter”. Awkward.

Anthony’s PR opportunity

Hello, Me! episode 8 sees Anthony continue to find a way to boost his career after recent setbacks.

The next day, both Ha-nis go to a dog shelter to volunteer. They are there for a photoshoot for Anthony — he’s gathering his trolls to improve his reputation. Han Yu-hyeon turns up, and the rivalry continues between him and Anthony continues. While helping out, Anthony’s agency approaches Ha-ni (teen) and asks if she’d like to be a star one day. Once the volunteers finished working, Anthony reluctantly takes them all out to eat.

Treating volunteers for dinner

Ha-ni joins Han Yu-hyeon outside as she’s concerned that he isn’t eating. She tells him it’s cold and that he should go inside so they can brainstorm ideas. They sit next to each other on the table, and Anthony looks over, feeling jealous. Suddenly, Anthony reacts to the milk in the chicken bread crumbs and has to rush to the table. The toilet door is locked, but when it opens, Ha-ni is inside, and he tells her not to tell anyone what’s going on. When Anthony leaves the toilet, the restaurant staff learn that the toilet is clogged and want to know who did it — they believe it was either Ha-ni or Anthony. Suddenly, social media is starting the rumour mill that the actor blocked a toilet. Ha-ni feels sorry for Anthony and stands up and tells the restaurant that she did it.

Anthony appreciates what Ha-ni did for him. They talk about lactose intolerance, and suddenly, Ha-ni remembers the kids who had an allergic reaction at the start of the series — she has an idea.

The mother-in-law gives Oh Ji-eun a bad time

Oh Ji-eun’s mother-in-law berates her for snacking on unhealthy food and makes her feel guilty for it. Oh Ji-eun’s partner sides with his wife and confronts his mother about it. He tells her to stop disappointing him and that he pities her. While alone in her room, suddenly, Oh Ji-eun’s stomach hurts. We have no idea, but we expect it to be clear what has happened here in the next episode.

Celebrity van

On the way home, Ha-ni and her teen self get into Anthony’s celebrity van so he can take them home. Anthony tells Ha-ni that her daughter looks exactly like her and that she hasn’t changed at all — he compliments her, calling her confident and radiant.

The ending

Ha-yeong tells her mother that she hasn’t rung Ha-ni yet. The mother wants Ha-ni to join them for dinner. Meanwhile, Ha-ni’s grandmother gets out a device, and she’s been strange with it, stating, “I’ll save you no matter what”.

As the episode gets closer to the end, Anthony and Han Yu-hyeon argue over Ha-ni again. Anthony invites himself inside Ha-ni’s house for coffee, so Han Yu-hyeon states he needs to join so they can talk about work. Anthony privately asks Han Yu-hyeon if he likes Ha-ni, and he admits he does. It’s officially a love triangle.

Hello, Me! episode 8 is an improvement — it feels like the story has finally bedded in. Let’s hope that future chapters keep it consistent.

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