Hello, Me! episode 9 recap – the grandmother recongises young Ha-ni

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 17, 2021
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K-Drama Netflix series Hello Me episode 9


The second half of Hello, Me! gets off to a good start as the characters feel bedded into the story in episode 9 and give the audience something to care about.

This recap of the K-Drama Netflix series Hello, Me! episode 9 contains spoilers.

They did it, folks; they delivered two episodes in a row worth watching, which I have to say after last week’s chapter managed to turn the story around, I’m surprised.

Episode 9 begins with Antony and Han Yu-hyeon battling to get inside Ha-ni’s apartment; Han Yu-hyeon admits to Anthony that he likes Ha-ni. However, both men haven’t got time to discuss as both Ha-nis scream; they have been robbed. Suddenly, the lights turn off, and they hear a ghostly voice. All the characters are spooked. They grab garlic and a cross to see what’s outside and see a woman lying on the roof. The woman falls and gets up before running away, so they chase after her.

Both Ha-nis manage to corner the woman, and her black wig comes off. She keeps pretending to be a ghost. She’s the landlady’s daughter who wanted the apartment for herself. Ha-ni asks the landlady to lower the rent, or they’ll take it to the police.

Han Yu-hyeon wants to be Ha-ni’s superman

Han Yu-hyeon makes his feelings clear in episode 9.

Anthony and Han Yu-hyeon talk about Ha-ni again. Han Yu-hyeon makes it clear that he doesn’t care about Anthony’s past with her. He wants to be her “Superman”. He walks off as Anthony laughs, but he is deadly serious. Han Yu-hyeon heads back to Ha-ni’s apartment and enjoys their company.

The next day, Han Yu-hyeon wants to brainstorm with Ha-ni regarding their work project in the early morning. On the bus there, Han Yu-hyeon tells Ha-ni that she smells nice. The pair enjoy breakfast together before they get into the project. Han Yu-hyeon reveals his research on gluten-free products. Ha-ni is impressed with his research. Afterwards, Han Yu-hyeon’s father, Ji-man, accuses his son of hitting on Ha-ni. When he walks off, Ji-man is happy that Ha-ni is improving his son as well.

Signing young talent

The younger version continues to pretend that she isn’t in the future in episode 9, which will always come back to bite her.

Anthony’s agent wants to sign teen Ha-ni. Anthony is against it at first, but then he realises he’ll see Ha-ni more if they help her out. He tells Ha-ni (teen) to respect him as part of the rules, but she rejects every term.

After reading the contract, Ha-ni (teen) reads the contract and accepts it, but she’s worried about her “mother” (Ha-ni) overseeing it as “guardian”.

Surprising news for Oh Ji-eun

Episode 9 brings wonderful news for Oh Ji-eun; let’s be honest, this character deserves some happiness in her life; she has looked down since the series began.

Oh Ji-eun heads to the hospital with Do-yun, and she learns that she’s 6 weeks pregnant; they have gotten naturally pregnant despite using IVF before. This is warm news for the couple, and they are emotional and elated. As she leaves the hospital, Oh Ji-eun suddenly remembers the drinking and dancing at the karaoke, and she panics, but Do-yun calms her down.

Later on, Han Yu-hyeon has a meal with Do-yun, who reveals that he’s having a baby with Oh Ji-eun — Han Yu-hyeon is going to be an uncle. He doesn’t want him to tell their parents yet.

Visiting grandmother

Ha-ni heads over to her mother’s house because they are worried about their grandmother’s health, and they believe she needs to be admitted to the hospital. Ha-yeong finally breaks her silence with Ha-ni and asks about her “daughter”. She warns her that their mother cannot find out. Ha-ni gives her sister a cassette player and asks her to listen to it. When it plays, they can hear their father singing. There’s no time for emotions because suddenly, the grandmother has gone missing, and they need to find her. Ha-ni heads out with her mother.

They find the grandmother, and she’s distressed; she keeps talking about “saving Ha-ni”. When they try and calm down, the grandmother doesn’t remember her daughter or granddaughter. It’s a painful moment for Ha-ni and her mother. The trauma rushes back for Ha-ni yet again — she feels she has caused her family so much pain.

The ending

Nearing the end, Ha-ni and Han Yu-hyeon cook together in the cafeteria kitchen, despite being prohibited for personal use. They are practising a new product for the contest. Ha-ni tells Han Yu-hyeon that she’s grateful for his help. Han Yu-hyeon tells her that he wants to be on her mind and be around her — he’s trying to be romantic.

Ha-ni (teen) sneaks into Ha-yeong’s apartment to see her grandmother. She sees her sleeping in a bed and immediately comforts her. Ha-yeong suddenly returns as she forgot her purse. After she leaves, the grandmother wakes up, and she recognises the young Ha-ni and smiles. More trouble is afoot!

The second half of Hello, Me! gets off to a good start as the characters feel bedded into the story in episode 9 and give the audience something to care about.

Additional points
  • Han Yu-hyeon calls Anthony “Chun-sik” to irritate him.
  • Oh Ji-eun notices that Ha-ni is making an effort to understand tasting again.
  • Ha-ni finds out two co-workers are secretly dating, and she promises not to tell anyone.
  • Anthony gets the role of Honorary Ambassador for a local authority. He heads to the district office for the ceremony.

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