Navillera episode 3 recap – Deok-chul’s wife finds out about the ballet

March 29, 2021
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Episode 3 sees dreams at risk and motivation being a problem as the two lead characters find ways to form a bond despite their generational differences.

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Episode 3 sees dreams at risk and motivation being a problem as the two lead characters find ways to form a bond despite their generational differences.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Navillera season 1, episode 3 contains spoilers.

After a heartwarming opening two episodes, Navillera episode 3 starts the journey of a young ballet dancer and old dreamer. It’s a story with so much potential to put salient messages across, so let’s hope the k-drama series delivers.

Episode 3 begins with a continuation — Ho-beom is aggressive with Lee Chae-rok. Deok-chul walks in and splits them both up; he reveals himself to be Chae-rok’s manager. Ho-beom mocks them both and reveals that Chae-rok’s father went into prison for assault. Deok-chul tells Ho-beom that Chae-rok has done nothing to him; he states if he wins at billiards, Ho-beom will pay for the food, but if he loses, then he’ll dance on the billiard table and pay for the food. Deok-chul wins, and as they leave, he tells Ho-beom to leave Chae-rok alone because he’s going to “soar like an eagle”.

Ki Seung-joo isn’t happy about Chae-rok’s lifestyle

While the first two episodes focused on Deok-chul’s dream, it never fully understood that Chae-rok has a future in ballet and episode 3 explores that.

Chae-rok explains to coach Ki Seung-joo that he helped out a friend with a food delivery service and that he will not do it again. Ki Seung-joo is furious and ends up shouting at Deok-chul before apologising as he’s a senior. Deok-chul tells him to stop scolding Chae-rok. Ki Seung-joo calls Chae-rok into his office and explains that he’s using the “older man” to change him and that he is no use if it isn’t working.

Covering for Eun-ho

Navillera hasn’t established a romance yet, but it looks like there’s something slowly burning between Chae-rok and Eun-ho.

Eun-ho continues to make mistakes at the restaurant, but once again, Chae-rok covers for her. After work, Eun-ho asks him why he covered for her. Chae-rok explains that he’s a part-timer and can afford to get in trouble. He also apologises for scolding her the other day.

Looking after Chae-rok

Episode 3 shows how much Deok-chul cares; he’s incredibly persistent, while Chae-rok is extremely stubborn.

Deok-chul learns that Chae-rok is unwell. He heads over to his place to help him out. His friend also heads over to make sure he feels better. Deok-chul cleans and tidies his apartment. The more Deok-chul helps, the more frustrated Chae-rok gets, but deep down, he’s enjoying having an older male in his life that looks after him.

Relive the moment Deok-chul impressed Chae-rok and became his student:

Even Ki Seung-joo is lectured about Chae-rok’s progress

The next day, Chae-rok is back in the studio — he asks Deok-chul why he wants to ballet if he knows it’s too late. Deok-chul explains that he wants to “soar once in his life”. In the office, Ki Seung-joo tells Chae-rok about The Sevilla Competition. Chae-rok hates competitions, but he’s told his dreams are too small. Ki Seung-joo is lectured about Chae-rok’s lack of progress by Ms Eun. However, later on, it’s revealed that Ki Seung-joo and Ms Eun planned their argument in front of Chae-rok to motivate him.

The wife does not approve

Sooner or later, Deok-chul’s secret of partaking in ballet was going to collapse, and episode 3 sees those events unfold.

At home, Deok-chul washes and dries his ballet clothes out of sight from his wife. He also does his stretches in private. His excuses to his wife are running out. She later finds ballet clothes drying and realises they are her husband’s. When Deok-chul returns home, his wife asks for an explanation — she thinks he’s going insane and asks him to grow old gracefully; she starts cutting up his ballet clothes in anger. Deok-chul is heartbroken over the argument.

The ending

Chae-rok catches Deok-chul at the studio. They both head to the rooftop together. Deok-chul talks about his wife and tells Chae-rok that you only live once — he still wants to give ballet his all. The next day, Chae-rok tells Ki Seung-joo that he will enter The Sevilla Competition. He also wants to perform at the Palais Garnier. Chae-rok also defends Deok-chul in a rare moment; he wants to see Deok-chul train for ballet even if Ki Seung-joo is not interested.

In the studio, Chae-rok takes photos of Deok-chul doing a position. He asks him to share the photo and not to be ashamed of ballet. His family members receive the photo in their group chat. They are all surprised, but his wife looks mortified.

Navillera episode 3 sees dreams at risk and motivation being a problem as the two lead characters find ways to form a bond despite their generational differences.

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