Hello, Me! episode 13 recap – Ms Han takes control of the company

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 31, 2021
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K-Drama Netflix series Hello Me episode 13


Episode 13 brings a strong emotional tone as the k-drama series goes from strength to strength.

This recap of the K-Drama Netflix series Hello, Me! episode 13 contains spoilers.

As a direct continuation from the last chapter, Ha-ni and her younger self return home, and their mother is waiting for them. Their mother is frantic and wants answers immediately — when she gets a closer look at the young girl, she collapses to the floor, and then their sister Ha-yeong heads over. The mother knows it’s her Ha-ni; a mother’s love — she recognises her own daughter. It’s an emotional moment as young Ha-ni hugs her mother. Ha-yeong is in disbelief as she watches the moment.

With more characters finding out, we are starting to see the beginning of an end.

Ms Han takes emergency control

Do-yun visits Ji-man, who is in the hospital; his eyesight has gotten worse as he asks for the lights to be turned on when they are already on. Han Yu-hyeon heads over to see his father. Ji-man doesn’t want his son to see him like this. Afterwards, Do-yun feels guilty, knowing Aunt Ms Han will have been a contributing factor to Ji-man’s collapse. Meanwhile, at Joa Confectionery, Ms Han gathers the board regarding the crisis with a product recall and the chairman’s health. She greenlights emergency management, and she will be in charge. She’s turning into quite a surprising villain.

The young Ha-ni still doesn’t know about her father

Ha-ni (teen) asks about her father, but Ha-ni intervenes and continues with the same story that their father is out of town working. Ha-ni’s mother wants the younger Ha-ni to stay at hers, and Ha-yeong’s so she’s looked after properly. Outside, Ha-ni explains to her mother and sister that her younger self time travelled before her father’s incident.

Anthony has suspicions

Anthony heads over with food for both Ha-nis. He wants to see them both and offer his token of gratitude before he gets busy at work. He then takes them out for a meal — he’s still suspicious that Ha-ni (teen) knows so much about him and wonders if she’s from the past. Ha-ni immediately disputes that conspiracy.

Return to work

Hello, Me! episode 13 sees Joa Confectionery in disarray after Ms Han’s meddling.

Han Yu-hyeon and Ha-ni receive good news — they are both allowed to return to work. However, their contest award has been cancelled. Ms Han is not happy with Oh Ji-eun for reversing the corruption against Ha-ni.

But then it gets worse again as Han Yu-hyeon learns that the company is planning to fire the cooking and cleaning staff. A blind Ji-man returns home as Han Yu-hyeon looks for him. There’s a lot of nervousness centring on the company after the latest scandal.

Oh Ji-eun asks Ms Han to stop what she’s doing to the company. Ms Han laughs at her for lecturing her, but Oh Ji-eun wants to make sure she helps her before it ruins her. Ms Han tells her that her baby is part of the bloodline, but she isn’t. Such cruel words — Ms Han licks those she despises with venom.

Ha-ni tells her younger self the truth about her impending danger

In the evening, Ha-ni (teen) is nearly run over, and Ha-ni has to push her out of the way of a moving vehicle. She has no choice but to tell her younger self that she will die as the universe is working against them. Ha-ni vows to send her back safe and sound, which is why she’s been protecting her.

A helping hand from Han Yu-hyeon

Han Yu-hyeon finds a friend’s (Seung-seok) grandmother in a bad way, so he helps her out. As the series progresses, Han Yu-hyeon’s maturity is there to see. He has compassion for people. His friend from work is appreciative of the help as Han Yu-hyeon cooks the family a meal. Seung-seok tells Han Yu-hyeon that there may be another accomplice with the company scandals.

Han Yu-hyeon learns the truth about Ms Han and Do-yun

There’s a lot of heartbreak for Han Yu-hyeon in episode 13 as he learns of the corruption that is intoxicating the company and the family.

Han Yu-hyeon meets Oh Ji-eun and asks her about what’s happened with the company. He tells her that he knows she is a good person; he queries how involved Do-yun is, but Oh Ji-eun does not believe he is. Han Yu-hyeon agrees. However, we know Do-yun is involved — scenes show him continuing working for Ms Han. Later on, Han Yu-hyeon overhears Ms Han and Do-yun talk about company shares — Ms Han wonders if Do-yun can take Ji-man’s shares which makes Do-yun angry, accusing her of making Ji-man go blind. Do-yun calls her cruel.

The ending

Ha-ni lets her mother and sister know that her younger self is going to die, but she’s trying to find a solution. As the episode ends, Ha-ni finds Han Yu-hyeon outside, and they catch up with a hot drink. He tells her that he never meant to deceive her; he’s in an emotional state, and he leaves. He’s exhausted from recent events, and it’s made worse that he cannot get in touch with his father.

More workers have been laid off at the company, including the temporary workers — that means Ha-ni will lose her job in another heartbreaking moment. Meanwhile, Han Yu-hyeon follows Do-yun’s car. He sees Do-yun helping his blind father into a wheelchair, and he starts to cry.

Hello, Me! episode 13 brings a strong emotional tone as the k-drama series goes from strength to strength.

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