Navillera episode 6 recap – Ho-beom injures Chae-rok in shocking chapter

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 6, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Navillera season 1, episode 6


Episode 6 strays away from the heartwarming plot and gives the audience some drama as the story has a few new story strands to cling to.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Navillera season 1, episode 6 contains spoilers.

After a few heartwarming chapters, episode 6 is dramatic — I sound surprised, but this is hardly a dramatic premise, so it was good to have an upturn of action.

Ho-beom confronts Chae-rok about his ballet competition and punches him to the floor. Chae-rok defends himself and explains it was not easy to get into ballet, and he loved football. Ho-beom punches Chae-rok, and he falls down a flight of stairs. He’s clearly hurt his foot. Ho-beom looks down at him, clearly feeling he’s taken it too far. Deok-chul finds Chae-rok, and he’s immediately worried about his injury — he calls a doctor.

The doctor’s assessment

So most of the episode focuses on whether or not Chae-rok can recover.

The doctor tells Deok-chul that his ankle is a problem and he needs a cast. Ki Seung-joo comes to the doctor’s office, and he wants to sue whoever did this to him. The doctor explains it’s just a stress fracture, so he may only need a cast for a week. Deok-chul blames himself for what happened to Chae-rok because he confronted Ho-beom and asked him to leave him alone — he feels he provoked the child.

You can soar too, Ho-beom

In a montage of scenes, Chae-rok cries in bed and Deok-chul looks for Ho-beom. He finally finds the boy on a set of stairs. Ho-beom says, “I guess he won’t soar after all”. Deok-chul tells a story that he was once twisted inside and blamed his family for not making it. He explains that Chae-rok’s misfortune will only hurt him as well. Ho-beom sees it as a threat, but Deok-chul tells him that he can soar as well. These were wise words from Deok-chul — he shows his maturity and life experience in this scene.

Chae-rok still wants to be Deok-chul’s teacher

With Chae-rok injured, Ki Seung-joo offers to teach Deok-chul, but Chae-rok turns up with crutches and tells him he’s still his teacher. Sun-oh drives Chae-rok home, and he’s thankful for it. He doesn’t want to speak about his injury and how it was caused but believes he can still compete.

Relive the moment Deok-chul surprises his granddaughter Eun-ho:

A quick recovery

Days pass by in Navillera episode 6; Chae-rok shows Eun-o the ballet studio, and she’s amazed by it. Later on, they take off Chae-rok’s cast to see how his foot is. He stands up, and he tells everyone that it’s fine. The doctor checks up on the x-ray and confirms the diagnosis as well — Chae-rok has recovered quickly. He gets back to the studio and practises some stances while Deok-chul keeping an eye on him.

Everything looks good up until this moment, and then his coach becomes suspicious.

While Ki Seung-joo watches Chae-rok perform, he’s annoyed he’s taken painkillers and tells him to go home. Bom tells Ki Seung-joo that he’s similar to Chae-rok from when he was younger.

Wedding anniversary

Deok-chul learns that it’s his wedding anniversary after his wife Hae-nam reminds him. He’s in complete shock that he’s forgotten. When they go to a restaurant, Chae-rok asks for a photo and then wonders where she’d like to go after; he’s trying to make up for forgetting about their significant day. The couple has a nice time together initially.

The ending

Chae-rok practises in a different studio, and Sang-su tells Bom. Ki Seung-joo finds him and takes off his painkillers. He asks him to give up on the competition if he ever wants to be on stage again. Chae-rok is furious at the suggestion and insists that he will compete. Ki Seung-joo explains he quit ballet as he was too stubborn and arrogant like him, and he doesn’t want Chae-rok to ruin his career. This episode is full of wise words.

As Deok-chul goes to buy food and drink for his wife, he hears a young girl screaming for her mother, so he looks for her. Hae-nam wonders what’s taking her husband so long. Deok-chul is so consumed by looking for the girl, and Hae-nam looks for him. She tries to ring her kids, but there is no answer. Eventually, Hae-nam rings Chae-rok and states that Deok-chul has disappeared. Meanwhile, Deok-chul is still aimlessly walking around the aquarium, and he is lost. Is there something wrong with our lead character? That’s a strange cliffhanger to leave things.

Navillera episode 6 strays away from the heartwarming plot and gives the audience some drama as the story has a few new story strands to cling to.

The Ballet Diaries
  • Eun-ho is offered a junior radio scriptwriter.

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