Mad for Each Other episode 3 recap – “Help Me”

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 31, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Mad for Each Other season 1, episode 3 - Help Me


Episode 3 brings an intriguing chapter on Min-kyung as we see an unfortunate period in her past.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mad for Each Other season 1, episode 3, “Help Me,” contains major spoilers.

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The third chapter gives the audience background on Min-kyung, suggesting how she’s become an obsessive, paranoid person in the present day.

Episode 3 opens with Min-kyung and Hwi-oh continuing their bickering — Min-kyung is recording him for “evidence” against him. When she walks off, Hwi-oh ponders about her, and wonders what she has gone through in order to be the way she is. Their bickering extends to the Wi-Fi networks; they keep renaming their routers to annoy each other.

Min-kyung fears her happy memories

During the night, Min-kyung starts panicking and believes there is a gas leak in her apartment, but she was imagining things. She raises this to her psychiatrist. The psychiatrist asks Min-kyung to try and trust herself so she can become less anxious. She’s then asked what she fears most — flashbacks show Min-kyung during happy times; she was in love with a man. In the present day, she says the happy memories haunt her, and she wishes the man that she loved dead.

Night patrol

A group of women part of an association, which help maintain the apartments, ask Hwi-oh to patrol the neighborhood with them to help catch the flasher. They know he’s an ex-cop. Reluctantly, Hwi-oh joins the women at night to patrol.


While out at a cafe, Min-kyung gets paranoid and believes a woman is calling her a homewrecker to her friends, but the imagined dialogue is a manifestation of how her mind is working. A flashback shows Min-kyung heading to work, and a woman is waiting for her — she asks her why she has chosen a married man (she’s the wife of her lover). Ming-kyung was under the impression that the man she was seeing is divorced, but it was a lie. The woman pours her coffee all over Min-kyung, calls her “lowly,” and walks off.

The videos

Min-kyung talks to her lover about it, and he denies what his wife told her. However, she doesn’t believe him and walks away. The man sends her videos which appear to be intimate moments between them, and she’s in a state of shock as she wasn’t aware he had recorded them. Her lover tells her to get in his car. She asks him to delete the videos but he tells her to fix herself up and starts grabbing her by her hair as he drives.

In the present day, the memories get to Min-kyung, and she throws up in the bathroom.

The ending

While patrolling, the group believes they have found the flasher, but the shop worker denies that this is the person. When Hwi-oh returns to the apartment, Min-kyung is distraught that the dog is gone and talks about how she opened the windows due to suspecting a gas leak. She asks Hwi-oh to use his police skills to find the dog.

Min-kyung accuses Hwi-oh of taking the dog, and the pair argue again. Hwi-oh shows evidence that he was out on patrol. Min-kyung grabs him and promises to go to a different clinic and avoid him if he helps her find the dog. She sobs as she asks him, but Hwi-oh refuses and walks off.

Mad for Each Other episode 3 brings an intriguing chapter on Min-kyung as we see an unfortunate period in her past.

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