Mad for Each Other episode 5 recap – “A Big Barking Dog That Doesn’t Bite Women”

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 1, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Mad for Each Other season 1, episode 5


Episode 5 is the best chapter so far — this k-drama series is warming the heart slowly.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mad for Each Other season 1, episode 5, “A Big Barking Dog That Doesn’t Bite Women,” contains major spoilers.

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This is certainly a k-drama series that grows in strength with each chapter…

Episode 5 begins with Min-kyung accusing Hwi-oh of being a pervert after finding him cross-dressing. The patrol team hears the commotion, and they all look scared of him. At the police station, Hwi-oh’s ex-boss is furious at him for not staying low. However, he is not in trouble. His ex-boss believes Hwi-oh is doing this because of U-jin — he tells Hwi-oh that U-jin is crippled because of him. These are harsh words that cut right through Hwi-oh. Min-kyung listens around the corner and then helps Hwi-oh home with an umbrella.

The flasher returns

Hwi-oh asks Min-kyung why he deserves the abuse off her. He gets a little emotional, and Min-kyung does not know how to respond as the man gets increasingly frustrated. Hwi-oh tells her to go and that he keeps trying his hardest to avoid her. As Min-kyung walks alone, she is confronted by the flasher. Hwi-oh sees and runs to Min-kyung’s aid. The flasher runs off, so Hwi-oh chases after him. Hwi-oh captures him and asks an overwhelmed Min-kyung to call the police. The flasher is arrested and dealt with.

This is the turning point in the series, as Min-kyung feels safe around Hwi-oh after the incident with the flasher.

So, the romance begins…

And again, both characters have to make their way home. The bickering continues, but it feels like Min-kyung is warming to Hwi-oh — she tells him she struggles to trust people. The pair walk together a little more peacefully this time, and Min-kyung talks about her mental health, and Hwi-oh gives her tips about breathing. Min-kyung looks Hwi-oh in the eyes and shows she is attracted for the first time. Hwi-oh seems irked by their eye contact. When they both go to bed, they think about each other. Min-kyung uses the sleeping techniques that Hwi-oh gave her to fall asleep.

Min-kyung tells her psychiatrist that she feels safer around her “guard dog,” referring to Hwi-oh. Hwi-oh is also more positive in his session with the doctor.

Food together

Hwi-oh has food delivered to his place, and he’s confused — Min-kyung claims she gave the wrong address and conveniently offers the man food, so Hwi-oh invites her inside his apartment. He watches her eat and smile. While he eats, he wonders if his food is poisoned because Min-kyung is being so nice to him. Min-kyung tells Hwi-oh she wants to learn self-defense, so he offers to train her and tells her to “just run” from danger.

Min-kyung is insistent she wants to learn, so while they practice, she keeps trying to kick him so she can prove herself. She kicks him hard in the balls, and he’s in a lot of pain. Min-kyung is apologetic, but Hwi-oh tells her to go home.

The ending

Later on, Min-kyung gets more food delivered to Hwi-oh’s apartment and leaves half for him —  this must be her apology. Hwi-oh goes to the store to get a bite to eat. The store worker gives her extra food — she must feel guilty for how she treated him in the past, and she’s grateful that he caught the pervert. Min-kyung sees the pair laughing together and gets jealous. When Hwi-oh leaves the store, Min-kyung chases after him — she wants to learn more, but Hwi-oh tells her to leave him alone.

Min-kyung gets frustrated that Hwi-oh keeps changing his mind and storms off. When they get to the elevator, Min-kyung is scared to use it because there’s a man inside with a helmet on –she pretends Hwi-oh is her partner, and he eases her anxieties and pretends with her.

Mad for Each Other episode 5 is the best chapter so far — this k-drama series is warming the heart slowly.

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