Mad for Each Other episode 7 recap – “The Bolt Opens”

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 7, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Mad for Each Other season 1, episode 7


Episode 7 explores unspoken words as the lead characters have plenty of feelings they want to express, but they do not know how to express them.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mad for Each Other season 1, episode 7, “The Bolt Opens,” contains major spoilers.

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This series has grown on me — I like it.

Following on from the last chapter, Min-kyung is afraid at night because someone is trying to get inside her apartment, but it is the realtor coming to her home. She is dismayed that the realtor would try unlocking her door in the middle of the night. The realtor tells her the landlord states she needs to move out soon, so this viewing needs to happen. Of course, this is part of Min-kyung’s plans to run away. The next day, Min-kyung is invited into the apartment’s Women’s Association — she declines, stating she is moving out soon.

Hwi-oh wants his sneakers back // Min-kyung locks herself out

And because Min-kyung plans to move out means a reality check for Hwi-oh — well, because deep down, he likes her.

Hwi-oh is angry that Min-kyung took his sneakers from recycling and asks for them back — Min-kyung tells him that he threw them away and pretends she has another man in her apartment. But Hwi-oh demands them back, so she reluctantly hands them over. Later on, Min-Kyung locks herself out of her apartment, so Hwi-oh rings a locksmith for her to figure out why the passcode isn’t working. He tells her she can stay in his apartment while he goes to work.

Tracking Yang

Episode 7 briefly returns to Hwi-oh’s interest in dealing with his past as a police officer.

Hwi-oh hears there’s been progress on drug lord Yang, so he heads into the station and interviews a person of interest. The man claims he has no idea what Yang looks like, that he follows instructions and a waiter at the bar gives him the drugs. Hwi-oh checks out dashcam footage, and he recognizes the waiter from the day of the incident when his colleague got hurt.

Meeting Hwi-oh’s mother

Unexpectedly, there’s a “meet the parents” situation in Mad for Each Other episode 7.

Hwi-oh’s mother heads inside Hwi-oh’s home to see Min-kyung asleep on the couch.. When Min-kyung wakes up, she sees Hwi-oh’s mother cooking in the kitchen. She explains why she’s in the apartment, but the mother assumes she is the girlfriend and doesn’t let her go. She cooks her food, and Min-kyung accepts and reiterates that she isn’t Hwi-oh’s girlfriend.

Hwi-oh doesn’t want Min-kyung to leave

Hwi-oh returns home, and he’s surprised to see Min-kyung is still there. He hurries her out, and his mother wonders why he’s being weird. Late in the night, Hwi-oh heads to Min-kyung’s apartment to make it look like a man lives there. The pair then head out for drinks, and Hwi-oh wonders if she will be having a farewell party — he states he’s going to miss being the “only crazy one.” He wonders if he’s the reason she’s leaving, and if it is, he tells her not to, and he’s gotten used to her now. Min-kyung tells him he isn’t significant enough and asks him to get over himself — she talks about how she finds it difficult to trust anyone.

Acting crazy

Min-kyung talks about the kind of men that will say any “sweet thing” to you and discusses her ex, who lied constantly and beat her — she explains how everyone thought she was the liar. Hwi-oh tells her not to listen to what other people think of her, and they probably think that because she’s pretty. Min-kyung agrees and states she will let herself go and be crazy. She then asks Hwi-oh if he wants to sleep with her, and he gets irritable and nervous, believing she’s acting crazy as discussed.

The ending

They both head back to the apartment, and before they head into their homes, they look at each other for a short while. But then Hwi-oh rings her doorbell and asks if her gas valve is off and if the windows are closed — he’s making sure she’s okay and tells her that she’s a meticulous woman that can trust herself. He reiterates she did nothing wrong with her ex. Min-kyung opens the door fully, thanks him for his help, and asks if he’d like to come around for food. It’s not going to be long before these two become an item.

Mad for Each Other episode 7 explores unspoken words as the lead characters have plenty of feelings they want to express, but they do not know how to express them.

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