Mad for Each Other episode 13 recap – the finale/ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 21, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Mad for Each Other season 1, episode 13 - Goodbye & Hello - the finale/ending explained


To round things off, Mad for Each Other gives the audience a fast-paced, crazy finale to finish the story. We wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mad for Each Other season 1, episode 13, “Goodbye & Hello,” — the finale/ending explained — contains major spoilers.

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After some bonkers but some emotionally enticing chapters, we have reached the finale — the main question is…do Min-kyung and Hwi-oh end up together?

Episode 13 begins with Yang threatening a delivery person.  He seems easily irritated and suspicious of the man. It then flits to Hwi-oh, who receives a call from this delivery man — they’ve found Yang.  He suddenly realizes that Min-kyung was right — the factory was where the drugs were kept. Hwi-oh pretends to be the delivery man, and he speaks to Yang directly — he asks for some spoons back and calls him a bastard. He then reveals himself, and the pair end up in a fight. Hwi-oh manages to get Yang on the floor, and then he rings the police. Yang is finally captured, and his colleagues are overjoyed.

The settlement with Seon-ho

But then the story quickly speeds up and becomes action-led.

Hwi-oh learns that Min-kyung signed a settlement on the assault case so that he could be reinstated at work. He’s furious that he’s only learned about this now. Meanwhile, Min-kyung is sat down with Seon-ho, and she signs the settlement with him. He’s smug about it. Min-kyung brings him down a few notches and tells him to leave her alone forever, but then he gets on his hands and knees and apologizes. Min-kyung gives him a chance to explain his excuses; he states he thought she’d leave if she knew about his wife and insists they had good times together. In response, Min-kyung accepts his apology, but she will not forgive him.

High-speed car chase 

However, let’s not forget that Seon-ho is evil, and we should have seen his manipulation coming.

When Min-kyung stands up, she is shaky — Seon-ho has spiked her drink. When Hwi-oh arrives at the cafe, they are already gone. Hwi-oh drives his car and finds Seon-hos vehicle, and he can see Min-kyung in the driver’s seat — he rings his colleague and asks them to ring an ambulance and tells Seon-ho to stop the car. Seon-ho mocks him by stroking Min-kyung’s head — it becomes a high speed car chase. Eventually, Hwi-oh plants himself on the bonnet of Seon-ho’s car and holds on for dear life until the car crashes.

The hospital

Hwi-oh is injured and struggles, so Seon-ho runs away. He tries to wake up Min-kyung, but she’s unconscious. Scenes move to the hospital; Min-kyung is safe and sound on a hospital bed, and Hwi-oh is checked for any injuries. With his arm and neck strapped, he checks on Min-kyung’s room before walking off. Min-kyung wakes up, and her mother is laid next to her.

Eventually, Min-kyung visits Hwi-oh, and he’s fast asleep. She remembers him saying how angry he gets thinking about her getting hurt, and then Hwi-oh wakes up — he asks her to do what she was going to do, just like the first time they kissed. Min-kyung joins him in his hospital bed. Hwi-oh asks her to open the draw nearby, and inside is a box with a necklace inside with a silver whistle; it’s symbolic of their sweet relationship. She asks him to put it on for her, which brings an intimate moment between the pair.

Min-kyung leaves

But of course, the k-drama series throws one more spanner in the works before ending for good.

Time passes, and Min-kyung does actually leave her apartment. As she gets inside the moving van, she’s sad about it. Hwi-oh arrives in a taxi, and the Women’s Association tells him that Min-kyung has left. Hwi-oh runs down the road to chase the moving van. He stands in the way of the van, so the driver puts the brakes on. He’s angry that she did not tell him. Min-kyung tells him to take care, but he will not shake her hand. Min-kyung raises what happened to them when they were together — she explains she begged Seon-ho not to kill her and said sorry. She doesn’t believe she can live a normal life and fall in love. Both characters begin to cry. Hwi-oh sobs and cannot believe how mean she is being, so Min-kyung storms off — as she does, Hwi-oh shouts after her saying he will turn into an alcoholic, before telling her to stop.

Min-kyung admits to getting angry when Hwi-oh is hurt 

Hwi-oh starts a fight with a random man in the street, and Min-kyung tells him to stop because she gets angry when he gets hurt. This stops Hwi-oh, and he asks her if that is true. It looks like Hwi-oh is catching a criminal (I’m not sure what happened here, folks, apologies), and when it dawns on her, he tells her he loves her — Ming-kyung is overjoyed, and she kisses him.

The ending of Mad for Each Other episode 13 – finale

As the episode ends, Hwi-oh is waiting for Min-kyung to return. He’s looking after the dog. Suddenly, he hears a whistle, so he runs outside his apartment. It’s Min-kyung returning from her travels. They both stand and smile at each other — they are finally happy.

To round things off, Mad for Each Other gives the audience a fast-paced, crazy finale to finish the story. We wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

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