You Are My Spring season 1, episode 14 recap – “I love you”

August 17, 2021
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Apart from a pivotal romantic moment, episode 14 rehashes known plot points, which isn’t a great sign as we get closer to the end of the series.

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Apart from a pivotal romantic moment, episode 14 rehashes known plot points, which isn’t a great sign as we get closer to the end of the series.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama Series You Are My Spring season 1, episode 14 contains spoilers.

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Throughout You Are My Spring, there’s this urgent importance to “be there for each other.” And as Young-do is a complicated man, it’s become the core of the main romantic story. Episode 14 is a pivotal chapter in that regard.

You Are My Spring season 1, episode 14 recap

After their brief break-up, Da-jeong and Young-do are happy again…they are back to the giddy, early days of a relationship. With the series nearly coming to end, let’s hope they can keep it together, and healthy, but you never know.

Ahn Ga-yeong and her partner are at another crossroads. She’s afraid that people will find out about them, but he’s more concerned about breaking up. It’s still complicated and messy, and Ahn Ga-yeong asks if they can have a break for a week. She feels it is necessary to understand if they can’t bear life without each other. With each episode passing, this is growing more toxic — but will Ahn Ga-yeong accept being loved/

Young-do connects with a client from 8 years ago who he massively helped with her grief over the death of her husband. He rang her and made sure she was okay when she was at her lowest. He asked her to meet him whenever she needs help. I’m the present day, during a meal, the same woman tells her story about her dark time and Young-do’s help. Of course, it’s related to his career, but Young-do seems to be the helper rather than the helped.

After his meal with this woman, Young-do meets up with Da-jeong. Da-jeong reveals she told a few people that they are back together, despite promising to hold it off. It turns out, both of them broke this promise out of excitement. Everyone knows they are back together, even Ahn Ga-yeong, as Young-do told her directly. Da-jeong is alarmed about how many people Young-do has told.

Ian Chase is interviewed by Ko Jin-bok again. He asks him where Hwang Jae-sik is. Ian is dismayed at the question and claims he doesn’t know where he is. He states he’s a victim of Hwang Jae-sik, but Ko Jin-bok isn’t buying it — he wonders what Ian is trying to hide. Later on, Young-do liaises with the police. They wonder if Ian was the trigger for Choi Jeong-min.

A detective then asks Da-jeong questions on whether she knows the whereabouts of Hwang Jae-sik. She asks if there’s a possibility that Choi Jeong-min wasn’t a bad person. Ian nearby overhears, and he wonders why she cares if Choi Jeong-min was a good or bad person. He raises the possibility of whether or not Choi Jeong-min may have been abused and neglected and was fighting back, and if so, would she cry for him. Da-jeong says no. She then brings up the church, and Ian says he remembers.

She wants to know what Choi Jeong-min meant by “I finally found you” (the note from the music box). Da-jeong also asks if Choi Jeong-min had anyone to lean on. Ian tells Da-jeong that at the church, someone patted her on the end, and another boy got angry at her. Both boys shared the same name (the twins – Ian and Choi Jeong-min). Flashbacks show that one of the twins wanted to run away. They were both curious about Da-jeong. One brother stayed in Korea, while the other went to the US. This feels like a rehashed story that we already know.

The ending

Later in the episode, Da-jeong is itching to ask Young-do a question; she brings up the day he left her on the rooftop, she was upset because he had done so much for her, and she hadn’t done as much for him. She wonders if he wants to tell his story as well. In the car with Da-jeong, Young-do brings up his deceased brother, and how no-one comforted him when he died; he thought he was to blame. Da-jeong states if she’d have been there, she’d have been enraged at the lack of comfort given to Young-do by his mother but also believes Young-do would have comforted his mother at the funeral if he went back in time. Da-jeong is trying to be the comfort she found in Young-do. Flashbacks show the brother’s funeral, and Young-do hugs his mother in an alternative timeline, digging into Young-do’s imagination.

In the present day, Young-do looks at photos of his mother at a memorial, before rejoining Da-jeong outside. There is now a deep understanding between the couple. There was something amiss before, but they’ve become a support system. Their past and present have become equally important. They’ve fallen in love with each other. And Young-do confirms it by saying “I love you” and Da-jeong cries with happiness before reciprocating.

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  • August 20, 2021 at 10:05 am

    Loved this episode of you are my spring so romantic now they know about the little rock garden and knew who they were oh my was crying so much hope it all ends well

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