Who dies in Hellbound season 1?

November 19, 2021
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This article discusses who dies in the Netflix K-Drama series Hellbound season 1, and it will contain spoilers.

The nature of the story in Hellbound is deadly. The whole concept is death, so it’s not for the fainthearted. The K-Drama series shows a supernatural event where monsters seemingly send their subjects to death, and there’s religious sentiment involved. We never truly understand where these monsters come from, but there is a death toll. We’ve decided to list the deaths of notable characters.

Who dies in the Netflix K-Drama series Hellbound season 1?

Here is the list of significant deaths in episode order.

Episode 2 – Kim Changsik

Kim Changsik doesn’t get killed by the monsters. He is a murderer himself, and in the past, he killed Kyunghun’s wife.

The daughter of Kyunghun, Heejun, teams up with Jun Jinsun to find the murderer. To get revenge for her mother’s death, Heejun puts Kim Changsik in an incinerator. It’s an awful death, and we can hear his screams. Jun Jinsun convinced the young girl that justice had not been served for her mother’s murderer because he served only six years in prison.

This death becomes relevant for episode 3.

Episode 2 – Park Jungja

Park Jungja is one of the first significant characters to be killed by the monsters after receiving the prophecy. A mother of two is asked to broadcast her demise, and in return, she’ll secure the future of her two children.

However, this is where the story gets aggressive. With followers of “The New Truth” intensifying, Park Jungja has to send her children to another country for their safety.

When the countdown completes, the monsters come and shred her apart. Her death is pivotal as it triggers a series of events instigated by “The New Truth” and Arrowhead.

Episode 3 – Chairman Jun Jinsun

The death of Jun Jinsun is a superb twist in the series. He is the person who controls “The New Truth” and started the doctrine that the monsters are angels sent to earth to send those who have sinned to Hell.

However, as we get to the end of episode 3, Jun Jinsun has caused a lot of chaos for Min Hyejin and Kyunghun.

In the end, Kyunghun confronts Jun Jinsun. The chairman reveals that 20 years ago, he was delivered a prophecy that stated that he’d be killed in 20 years. He gives Kyunghun a choice; to record his death and send his daughter to prison for the murder of Kim Changsik or keep his death a secret and continue living in the world he created for him and his daughter.

Ultimately, Kyunghun chooses the latter, and Kyunghun faces his demise at the hand of the monsters. Again, another pivotal death.

Episode 4 – Junwon (Youngjae’s co-worker)

While Junwon wasn’t the most significant character, his death was meaningful because it led Youngjae down the path for the truth. After the monsters killed Junwon, Youngjae found out the reality of “The New Truth.”

Episode 5 – Hyeongjun

Professor Hyeongjun is a pivotal character in the second half of season 1. Not only does he help Min Hyejin’s cause to bring down “The New Truth,” but he also helps out Youngjae with his stressful situation with his newborn baby.

Unfortunately for Hyeongjun, “The New Truth” and Arrowhead capture him, and once they have the information they need from him, they cruelly incinerate the man.

Episode 6 – Mr. Lee

Although Mr. Lee wasn’t in the series for long, he was a nuisance before the monsters came to kill him.

His death was timely.

Episode 6 – Youngjae and his wife, Song Sohyun

This is undoubtedly the most upsetting and important death of the season. While the monsters try and kill their newborn baby, Youngjae and his wife Song Sohyun try and fight them off, but they continuously get overpowered.

Parent love prevails, and both characters cover their newborn baby and sacrifice themselves. The monsters kill the parents and disappear, but their newborn baby survives.

It was an emotional sacrifice to end the season. And it means that Min Hyejin could potentially become the baby’s stepmother as she runs away with the child at the end to safety. Season 2 may give further clarity to what happens to them.

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