Elite Short Stories 2: Patrick review – what happens in the cabin in the woods?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: December 24, 2021 (Last updated: November 10, 2023)
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Netflix Elite Short Stories 2: Patrick


The final chapter of Elite Short Stories 2 is emotional and brings further depth to the sadness that surrounded the Blanco in the fourth season. 

This review of Netflix’s Elite Short Stories 2: Patrick does not contain any spoilers.

Patrick (Manu Ríos) was arguably the strongest “new” character introduced in the fourth season of Elite. So it’s only fitting that the final installment of Elite Short Stories 2 is about his character. 

Unlike the previous entry, Elite Short Stories 2: Samuel Omar, which had comedic moments and felt quite light-hearted in its content, Patrick is profound and deep. That in itself is actually quite shocking. Samuel, Elite’s mournfully downbeat character, had a quirky, sexy, and fun chapter. Whilst Patrick, the show’s wild sex-crazed character, finds himself involved in an emotional journey that involves all of his family. 

Patrick feels overwhelmed by the chaos in his family. (Take your pick from Ari nearly being murdered and Mencía being a prostitute as to what stresses him out more). When talk turns to a family dinner, and therefore a family discussion, Patrick flees and hides away in a cabin in the woods. But his peaceful retreat soon proves to be far from peaceful.  

It works brilliantly, and it’s great to see the sadness within Patrick take more center stage in the three mini-episodes. As is usually the case with Elite, the final chapter of Elite Short Stories 2 has incredibly written characters. But saying that, in this installment, there are a few annoying characters. None more so than Beni (Iván Pellicer). His logic to be at the cabin makes no sense. He visits the cabin with his “friends”, who all force drugs onto Patrick. Yet, Beni decides to scold Patrick and not his “friends”. Unlike Felipe (Àlex Monner) from Elite Short Stories 2: Phillipe Caye Felipe, it’s unlikely that Beni will be missed if he never appears in Elite again. 

Even so, all of the cast ace their roles, and Elite Short Stories 2: Patrick is entertaining from start to finish. As for which entry is the best, it’s a tie between Samuel Omar and Patrick.

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