Bridgerton season 2 – who is Lord Jack?

March 25, 2022
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This article, ”who is Lord Jack,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Bridgerton season 2. 

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Who is Lord Jack in Bridgerton season 2?

Lord Jack is the apparent heir to the Featherington household. And whilst everyone assumes that he has great power, wealth, and status, he is in fact, a fraud. He proves to be a mysterious member of Bridgerton in the first few episodes of the second season. However, before long, he confides to Portia that he is broke, and as a result, so are the Featheringtons. 

What does Lord Jack do? (spoilers)

After Ben Miller’s character Lord Archibald Featherington got murdered in the Season 1 finale of Bridgerton, his death means that Lord Jack enters the fold. He soon takes charge of the Featheringinton family and seems to bring with him large levels of wealth. Lord Jack takes to the Cowper family and attempts to woo one of the daughters. However, Portia intervenes and tries to set him up with her daughter Prudence. Her attempts fail, so she purposely sets it up so that guests walk in on Lord Jack and Prudence. Which, in turn, means that they have to get engaged. 

But, Portia realizes her error when Lord Jack reveals that he has no money. With his plan to marry into the Cowper family over, Lord Jack schemes with Portia and uses a lie of a fake ruby mine to sell fake ruby necklaces. The scheme work, almost with no errors, and soon Portia suggests that they have members of Mayfair invest in the ruby mine. Lord Jack soon recognizes that the scheme won’t last long, and suggests that he and Portia flee to America before their scheme can be exposed. 

Lord Jack’s downfalls start when he shows little concern over Portia’s daughters. And, as a result, Portia schemes against Lord Jack. Once Colin susses that Lord Jack is a fraud, he privately informs Portia what he has learned about Lord Jack. With no room for Lord Jack in London, Portia banishes him from the household, reveals she will keep the money from their scheme whilst acting the victim, and then Portia sends him back to America. The question remains, though, whether that will be the last that we see from Lord Jack. Could he return for vengeance?

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