Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 15 recap – “Ensemble”

April 2, 2022
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Episode 15 brings key moments as we reach the ending of a sweet, important story.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 15, “Ensemble,” contains spoilers.

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While it seems that the story is leaving everything last minute, the predictability does not make the series boring. Forecasting Love and Weather has brought in many values of what it means to be in a serious relationship. What it means to be a partner. What it means to be a parent. What it means to care for your family. While some audiences have complained that this series has been dull, I disagree. Let’s recap the penultimate episode.

Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 15 recap

Episode 15 opens with Si-woo telling Ha-kyung’s mother about his life, including his family history. Meanwhile, Ha-kyung is in the hospital looking at a form for a biopsy for Si-woo’s father — there’s a concern in his lungs, and she’s taken the role of guardianship. The father insists he doesn’t need a biopsy and tells Ha-kyung not to say anything to his son. Ha-kyung has a significant decision to make — to tell or not to tell Si-woo about his father.

Meanwhile, the other lead couple has an important decision to make. Yu-jin and Ki-jun head to the hospital for an appointment regarding an abortion. There’s an eery silence, but then Yu-jin breaks it, explaining that they do not have the finances to raise a child. She also does not want to give up her rising career. However, it’s flagrantly apparent that Ki-jun wants to be a father. But will he rise to the challenge and be a worthy partner in a difficult situation?

At the weather station, the staff is carrying out ensemble weather predictions. Life is certainly calmer amongst these workers after recent weather troubles. However, it doesn’t stop colleagues from continuing to gossip about Ha-kyung and Si-woo. In private, Ha-kyung tells Si-woo to ring his father, but he gets mad, stating his father does not care about him. Ha-kyung tells Si-woo to put his anger behind him, or he may regret it later in life. Regret is a killer, after all. As for Um Dong-han; he still has a chance to be part of his nuclear family, and he needs to find a way to make it to his daughter’s birthday meal.

The weather station come across a problem like we’ve seen many times in this series. Um Dong-han finds a strange anomaly with a jet stream. They need to analyze live data and decide which ensemble model will be their prediction. Si-woo tells the Chief Director that they may need to overturn the current forecast, which causes a stir in the room. Ha-kyung agrees with Si-woo despite the risks associated with doing that. The weather station reports an extended period of cold weather.

Ha-kyung stays at work late to monitor the weather. Si-woo apologizes to her for overreacting when she brought up his father. Flashbacks show that he told her mother that he didn’t want to be a burden to Ha-kyung due to his complex relationship with his father. In the present, Si-woo asks Ha-kyung what will she do if he cannot break up with her. Unfortunately, their moment is broken up by an angry colleague who is irritated that she overturned the forecast.

The colleague berates her in front of other staff members and pushes her. Si-woo tries to calm the situation down, but it doesn’t work. Si-woo hits the colleague in an accidental reflex move and knocks the angry man unconscious with a bloody nose. After learning about this commotion, Um Dong-han has to return to work and misses his daughter’s birthday meal. His daughter wants to continue her meal with her mother anyway. This is a crucial moment for Um Dong-han’s family; the daughter understands that her father has a job, and you can see the surprise on her mother’s face at this realization. Um Dong-han may have a chance to keep his family after all.

Um Dong-han arrives at the weather station and calms everyone down, including the colleague who got frustrated at Ha-kyung. And then, the live data proves that Ha-kyung made the right decision with the overturned forecasting. Small celebrations follow.

The ending

As the penultimate episode ends, a couple of things happen.

First, Ki-jun admits to Yu-jin that he’s not ready to be a father, but he still wants to do his best to raise their child. He makes it known that he’ll respect the decision she makes and stand by her side either way. However, late in the night, a potential tragedy strikes — Yu-jin’s stomach suddenly hurts in a suspected miscarriage.

And second, Ha-kyung takes Si-woo to the hospital so he can meet his father. The scans have revealed his father has stage three cancer, and it’s spread aggressively. Si-woo stands over his sleeping father and cries. He’s in disbelief that this is happening. Outside the hospital room, the police tell Ha-kyung that they have an arrest warrant on Si-woo’s father for blackmail and self-inflicted injuries.

Episode 15 brings key moments as we reach the ending of a sweet, important story.

Additional points

  • Si-woo’s father rings Ha-kyung and thanks her for booking a hospital room for him so he can have the biopsy tests. He learns that Ha-kyung and Si-woo have broken up and he’s surprised. The father thinks Si-woo is an idiot for letting her go.

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