Paper Girls season 1 – who can the girls trust?

By Jordan Lyon
Published: July 29, 2022
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This article, “who can the girls trust,” contains spoilers regarding Paper Girls season 1. 

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Paper Girls is, on some levels, as much about the friendship between the four papers as it is about time traveling and the war they’ll try to prevent. But whilst they form a close-knit friendship, is there anyone they can trust. From their adult selves, Larry, Russ, Prioress, and many more, they encounter plenty of weird, wonderful, and downright evil characters. But, the question that needs to be answered is whether they can trust everyone they meet. And if they can’t, how come?

Paper Girls season 1 – who can the girls trust?

Among some of the earliest characters that the paper girls meet are their future selves. And it seems safe to assume that they can trust themselves. Especially when it comes to Adult Erin and Adult Tiffany. Adult Erin not only helps the paper girls try and make their way back to 1988; but she agrees to fly to the robotic time machine herself, which means that not only would she come with them, but she’d be leaving her own life behind.

And if that wasn’t tragic enough, when Adult Erin time travels with the paper girls, she gives up her own life to save their lives. So, yes, it can be safe to say that Adult Erin is one to be trusted. Similarly, Adult Tiffany agrees to help the paper girls without so much of a detailed explanation. And whilst Adult KJ and Adult Tiffany didn’t learn about their younger selves, it would come as a huge shock if they betrayed “themselves”.

Larry, on the other hand, is another story. Whilst he claims to be on their side and a member of the STF, he ultimately betrays the paper girls. He claims that his robotic time machine can send them back to 1988; but he actually sends them back to 1999. Whilst he seems he betrayed them, maybe he was doing so in the knowledge that it would lead them on a journey needed to save the world from war? Maybe a future season will answer that question.

And like Larry, Prioress is a difficult one to read. For much of the season, she seemed to be working against the paper girls and wanting revenge for her brother’s death. But in the season finale, Prioress seems to change her mind and helps the paper girls escape to safety by ordering two spaceships for them. So had Prioress being wanting to help the paper girls all along? But why did she attack and possibly kill KJ’s parents if that’s the case? 

Who do you think the papers can trust? Is there anyone else you think could help them go back to 1988?

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