Thai Cave Rescue season 1, episode 2 recap – “To Not Offend The Gods”

September 22, 2022
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Thai Cave Rescue season 1, episode 2 recap - "To Not Offend The Gods"


As the parents wonder if the rain is down to science or faith, the episode improves on the previous one. Whilst it is far too long and gives the suggestion that the mini-series would have been better as a movie, it’s more enjoyable.

This recap of the Netflix series Thai Cave Rescue season 1, episode 2, “To Not Offend The Gods”, contains spoilers

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The pilot episode may have not been that exciting, but the ending hinted that there’s some magic within the show. Will that magic continue into the second episode? Read the below recap to find out.

Thai Cave Rescue season 1, episode 2 recap

It has now been 15 hours since they entered the cave, and the water levels have risen significantly. Eak decides that he will swim over to the other side. Whilst doing so, he will connect a rope to his body so that the football team can also make it to the other side. When he does so, however, he gets into a spot of bother and starts to drown. As Eak has been in the water for far too long, the football team pulls him out and saves his life. 

With their path to freedom seemingly no longer an option, the football team asks if they’re trapped down there. Meanwhile, on land, the citizens start to try and figure out a plan to rescue the trapped boys. Governor Narongsak attends the scene, and he is soon bombarded with questions from the press. When he visits the parents of the trapped boys, he tells them he will stay with them until their boys are safe. However, one of the parents says that a villager has said that the kids have offended the cave’s spirits and they must beg for their forgiveness. Whilst the Governor believes in science more than faith, he still joins them in praying.

Mark’s Mom learns about the cave and wonders if her son is among those trapped. But her efforts to get some information are squashed when the guard pays little attention to her. The Governor speaks to a local expert about Tham Luang. He learns that Tham Luang is a monster. Shortly afterward, the rescue mission gets underway. 

Meanwhile, down in the caves, the boys start to panic. Phong screams that they’re standing in the grave, with others claiming that it will be impossible for anyone to find them. Eak tries to use his past experience as a monk to calm the football team. He suggests that they meditate to calm all their nerves. And it seems to work very well for Adul, who was, quite understandably, an emotional mess beforehand. Meanwhile, Mark’s mother, Namhom, gets dismissed, once again, by the cave’s guards. She shouts for the Governor and begs him to help, where she learns that her son has not been coming to practice. In return, Namhom reveals that she has no Thai papers and asks why she would risk all of that. 

The ending

The Governor believes Namhom, and he gives her permission to stay. Inside the cave, Eak says that they might be able to escape if they start digging. But there isn’t exactly a high number of volunteers to help. In fact, it is only Mark who is willing to help. Pim calls Noon and asks for regular weather reports every hour. It’s now 2 days and 3 hours since the boys got trapped in the cave. 

The Governor tells the rescue team to change tactics to help save lives. Shortly afterward, further attempts to rescue the boys get underway. It has now been 6 days and 1 hour since the football team entered the cave, with fears now growing that the boys are already dead. In the cave, Eak reveals that his life changed after his parents died. As Mark isn’t very well and the boys are starving, Eak is desperate to ensure their survival. The Governor and Namhom pray for the boy’s safe return. With no more rain forecast for a while, the rescue team may finally have a chance to save the football team. The episode ends as Rick swims to the trapped boys. As he records them, the parents watch on a TV screen. 

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