Thai Cave Rescue season 1, episode 3 recap – “The Princess’ Chalice”

September 22, 2022
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Thai Cave Rescue season 1, episode 3 recap - "The Princess' Chalice"


The process the characters are going through to free the trapped characters is truly fascinating, and that proves to be among the show’s highlights. Otherwise, it’s too long with not enough happening, which makes me believe it would have been much better as a movie.

This recap of the Netflix series Thai Cave Rescue season 1, episode 3, “The Princess’ Chalice”, contains spoilers.

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With the first two episodes slightly diverting in terms of entertainment, the third episode could go either way, to be honest. Saying that the true story that the show is based on is a remarkable one. So there’s definitely potential for the show to reach heights that we haven’t seen in the first two episodes. Hopefully, that comes in this episode, and if not, maybe later in the season. Regardless of what happens, below is the recap for the third episode of Thai Cave Rescue.

Thai Cave Rescue season 1, episode 3 recap

The GoPro video of the trapped boys has gone viral, with millions of people watching it online. Kelly Suwannarat arrives; she’s an engineer hoping to help. She warns the Governor that in the next four hours, it is likely that it will be near impossible to reach the boys unless something is done now. Kelly believes that she may be able to stop the water flow from within the cave, but the Governor has doubts. However, seeing as though there are few other options, he decides to go through with her plan.

On land, the Governor learns that the water is flooding the cave entrance. Because of that, he cannot send any more help into the cave. It’s now been 10 days and 17 hours since the group entered the cave. Whilst in the cave, after Dom questions whether his family will even care if he is trapped in the cave, his friend tells them they are all family due to being stuck there. Kelly and Pim learn that there has been no change in the water. It’s very frustrating for Pim, who continues to blame herself for not closing the park. But as Pim searches around the ground, she questions whether they need to find the “plug hole” for the cave. In other words, can they find an underground lake? 

The ending

The rescue team gets to work trying to find the underground cave. But they reach a dead end. The Governor believes that he has failed the boys. But Pim has an update; they may have just struck gold. By locating the water, it may now be possible for the divers to reach the boys. However, the boys cannot be drilled out. Instead, they can only leave in the same way they entered. As a result, they need a new rescue plan.

Not quite as interesting as the second episode. But good enough to watch. The only thing I fear is that it feels that the story is slowly coming towards the end, so how will the story be spaced out in an interesting enough way to fill the next three episodes?

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